Playtex Is Recalling 3.6 Million Of These Children's Plates & Bowls Due To A Choking Hazard

Parents will definitely want to take note of a newly issued recall that affects the products that their little one uses to eat every day. For some pretty scary potential outcomes, Playtex is warning against using some of its plastic dishware after finding that bits of plastic may pose a choking hazard. So before you toss every dish in your cabinets, here's how to tell if your kid's Playtex plates and bowls were recalled.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) is working in conjunction with Health Canada to educate families on the defective products. The measure extends specifically to Playtex's "plates and bowls with printed graphics," according to the CSPC.

"There is a potential risk of choking if the clear plastic layer over the graphics bubbles or peels from the surface of the Playtex plate or bowl," the company said in statement on its website, urging parents to stop using the products immediately.

"We are taking this action because our top priority is the health and safety of the people who use our products," Playtex told Romper in a statement.

This issue has resulted in "372 reports of the clear plastic layer over the graphics bubbling or peeling," the CSPC reports, with an additional "11 reports of pieces of the detached clear plastic found in children’s mouths" and a total of "four reports of choking on a piece of the clear plastic layer." Needless to say, the bowls and plates have got to go.

As WREG reported, 3.6 million of the plates and bowls that were sold at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and other major retailers have been recalled. Seeing as plates and bowls of this kind have been widely used for some time, odds are, your young family might have them in your cupboard. Running at about $2.50 per item or about $15 for a set, they're a cheap option for families, but are not worth the choking risk. Playtex explained in its statement how to check your products:

These white polypropylene plates and bowls have a colored rim on top and a non-slip bottom. Playtex is written on the bottom of the plates and bowls. These have been sold in a variety of printed designs from October 2009 to August 2017, including cars, construction scenes, giraffes, princesses, superheroes and more.

Over the eight years in which the bowls and plates were sold, they were released in various combinations. In some locations, they were sold separately. The following packs have the recalled products, too:

  • Playtex DC Super Friends Bowls 3pk
  • Playtex DC Super Friends Plates 2pk
  • Playtex DC Super Friends Mealtime Set
  • Playtex Bowls 3 pack and 6 pack
  • Playtex Plates 2 pack and 4 pack
  • Playtex Toddler Mealtime Set
  • Playtex Plate Single Pack
  • Playtex Bowl Single Pack

Consumers looking for a refund can contact Playtex or submit their request through an online form. Additionally, the company advises that you can call them for more information at (888) 220-2075, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Easter Time. However, if you're looking for a refund, the online form is a really simple and effective way to submit your request.

Before you ditch every Playtex product ever, the website does stress that "NO OTHER PLAYTEX PRODUCT IS AFFECTED BY THIS RECALL," while highlighting that "Toy Story 3 and Baby Einstein themed plates and bowls, Playtex Sipsters cups, 3 way plates and bowls, infant spoons, toddler utensils, and flip top snacker products" are not included and are currently deemed safe for use.

However you choose to go about getting rid of your plastic dishes and plates, just make sure that you do, because they've been dangerous on more than one account. Have a good look at your child's dishware, and toss anything that could be affected.

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