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Here's How To Poll Your Insta Followers

In the internet-fueled age of instant gratification, social media users want their followers' opinions — and, more importantly, their approval — and they want them now. Well, now there's an app for that. Well, an existing app, actually, with a gussied up new feature to help you make your virtual friends an integral part of your real life. So, buckle up and get ready to learn how to use Instagram's poll stickers for Stories, because you never know when you just might need the internet's collective insight to get you through some of the most pressing decisions of your day. Deciding whether to binge watch The Office or Parks and Rec on Netflix of which flavor of Halo Top to buy has never been quite so... interactive.

According to an Instagram press release, the new interactive poll sticker for the photo and video sharing app's Stories feature represents the first time users can interact with one another outside of their DMs (outside of the app, of course, they've always had the option to call a friend up or even meet up in person).

In any case, it is pretty nifty, not to mention easy to use. After installing the latest software update for Android and iOs and choosing a video or image for their Stories, according to The Verge, users can simply select the poll sticker and drop it anywhere they want. After that, prepare to customize and wait for the results to pour in.

The new Instagram polling feature doesn't leave a lot up for interpretation when it comes to evaluating results, either — a touch that impatient or even particularly enthusiastic pollers are sure to appreciate. Swiping up while viewing a Story will allow indecisive 'Grammers to view the results in real-time, as well as reveal who voted and how.

It's important to check in, too, because the poll and all that valuable data it's sure to garner will disappear along with your Story 24 hours after it's posted. Buy, hey, by then you're sure to already have taken your friends' advice about whether you and your toddler should dress up as Nutella and toast or a butterfly and a caterpillar for Halloween.

Of course, Twitter has long boasted a personalized polling feature — and that app allows users to add up to four options, which is two more than Instagram currently supports. Still, there's undeniably something really fun about allowing your Story's viewers to vote while contemplating the ephemeral video or image. It feels a bit more intimate, somehow, like you'll get better quality answers because those who take the time to look at your Story just care about you a little more. Or something.

With this latest innovation from the Instagram team, it's easier than ever to get that INSTA-gratification that we all crave when we open up any one of our social media apps and tally up the likes, faves, retweets, and views. And now Instagram Stories users can solicit opinions and advice from friends, family members, and complete strangers alike without ever needing to have a real conversation with any of the people weighing in.

Honestly, it's super cool that this technology exists and continues to evolve. But it's just as important to remember to interact in real life. FaceTime with friends when obsessing over what to wear for that job interview tomorrow or even asking a real-life librarian for a book recommendation. Doing so will make it that much sweeter when you do occasionally turn to Instagram for feedback — and you'll be even more impressed with how quickly the results start piling up, too.

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