#IfMomWroteCandyHearts Is The Hilarious Valentine’s Day Hashtag That Proves Moms Don't Tolerate BS

When you woke up on Valentine's Day morning did you instantly think of your mom? Your exhausted, long-suffering, sweetheart of a mother? I didn't think so, but that's OK. She was probably thinking about you. Because this is what moms do... we love and we love and expect nothing in return. That is probably a lie, but it makes for good copy. Maybe it would even make a good candy-specific slogan? I don't know, but I could try it out on the hilarious Valentine's Day hashtag #IfMomWroteCandyHearts. Because these aren't just delicious, they're sassy as all get out too.

We all know about candy hearts, I think it's safe to assume. Those sort of delicious but also chalky-tasting treats that deliver sweet messages along with a dose of sugar. Messages like "Be My Valentine," "I Love You," and my particular throwback favorite "2-Be 2-Gether 4-Ever." But these messages all seem rather romance-specific don't they? Instead of acknowledging the myriad of different kinds of groovy love that exist out there. There's the love you feel for your friends, your pets, yourself, your family. Perhaps especially the love you feel for your kids. So if moms were able to write messages on candy hearts for their kids, what do you think those messages might say?

Twitter had some pretty spectacular (and fairly accurate) ideas to share.

Some were a bit threatening, in that well-intentioned way that only moms can threaten. With love, and perhaps a smidgen of terror.

Sometimes, in the world of moms, threats are succinct and all-too necessary.

And you know how sometimes your mom just knows things about you? Or if you're a mom yourself, you know how you tend to just know everything intuitively without even trying? Everyone knows mother's intuition is real, but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with as her kid. A fair amount of social media have noticed this as well, and thought up some clever messages that could be written on these #IfMomWroteCandyHearts, if ever they existed.

Although any candy heart using the word "vagina" might be a tough sell on account of the squeamish patriarchy.

Moms also frequently have to deliver bad news, especially when it comes to food. Like giving you the bad news that you won't be getting fast food because there's already food at home... I mean, who wants to hear that?

Moms also took a bit of a hit from their kids on Twitter, who were not above teasing them about their many foibles in a way that I'm certain was done with all good intentions. Because who would make fun of their mother, the first love of their life, on a day dedicated to love like Valentine's Day?

Sure, there might have been loads of people who were poking some gentle fun at their mom on Valentine's Day (picture dozens of tweets about moms wanting you to call them more and you'll see what I mean), but some of these tweets were different. Pointing out their mom's unconditional love for them might not be as funny, but these tweeters couldn't help showing their mom appreciation on Valentine's Day.

There was something about this hashtag that triggered people. To open up about their moms in ways that were funny or sweet or, in some cases, terribly sad. So this Valentine's Day, it looks like moms are actually on a lot of people's minds. Even if it's just to come up with a funny tweet using some of their words, still... it's just nice to be remembered, right? Or that's something a mom might say. Again, I'm not sure if it's actually accurate or not.

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