Is It Safe To Use Lice Treatments While Pregnant?

Just the mention of lice will make you scratch your head compulsively for hours. Add pregnancy to the mix, and lice just might send you over the edge. I can only imagine how panicked I would have been if i'd discovered an itchy louse creeping around my head while I had a baby on board. An event such as this would surely have me on the phone with my doctor in no time. My guess is that OB-GYNs everywhere have received this call many times from frantic moms-to-be who want to know one thing: is it safe to use lice treatments while pregnant? Because using certain chemicals and treatments could raise concern.

It doesn't matter how you got them — once you have lice you need to get rid of them, and the sooner the better. But even though you're anxious to evict those scratch-causing buggers, you may may wonder if certain treatments will have any negative effects on the baby. Well, you will be relieved to know that the website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had no mention or warnings for pregnant women using over the counter treatments for lice. However, it's always wise to check the packaging on the product for manufacturer's warnings before buying. If a product recommends pregnant woman not use their brand, it's best to put that back on the shelf.

If you want to play it completely safe, try out one of the natural lice treatments suggested by the website for the American Pregnancy Association. Using specialty combs and essential oils have been effective at getting rid of lice without any exposure to chemicals. Or if the thought of combing lice out of your own hair adds to your pregnant queasiness, check your local area for a specialty lice salon which will do the dirty work for you.

Once you have rid your head of the intruders, make sure to clean your home. According to Parenting magazine, you can prevent lice from spreading around the house by washing and drying bedding on high heat, vacuuming beds, furniture, and cars, and soaking combs and hairbrushes in hot water.

Getting lice while pregnant is far from ideal, but if it happens, spring to action quickly. And once those pests are gone for good, schedule yourself a massage and a pedicure — you've more than earned it.