Jana Duggar Babysat For John-David & Abbie On Their "Special" Night Out — PHOTO

Counting On fans knew that she'd be one proud auntie to her many nieces and nephews, but it's really no surprise that Jana Duggar happily babysat for her twin brother John David and his wife Abbie while they enjoyed a nice date night.

It's been about two months since John David and Abbie welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Gracie Annette Duggar, on Jan. 7, so a night out for just the two of them was likely much appreciated. And Aunt Jana certainly didn't seem to mind stepping in to watch her niece on Wednesday night. In fact, she shared the cutest photos of her kissing Gracie on the head and smiling while the little girl yawned in front of the camera. "Her parents seem to think I come over just to hang out with them. #lovemyniece #gracieannette," she captioned the photos.

Jana's followers were loving how adorable they are together. "Best Auntie!" Jana's sister Jessa commented. "I'm sure you love all of your nieces and nephews, this one has a VERY special place in your heart," another commenter observed.

Meanwhile, John David and Abbie posted a photo of themselves on their shared Instagram account, praising Jana for watching their daughter so they could enjoy their date night. "Thanks to Aunt Jana, Mommy and Daddy got a special evening out last night!" they wrote.

"Loved getting to watch Gracie!" Jana replied in the comments.

Counting On fans are well aware that the married Duggar siblings love date nights. John-David's sister, Jessa Duggar, and her husband, Ben Seewald, went on a date night last week to eat sushi and go grocery shopping at Whole Foods. It's something that they've grown up with — John-David's parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, wrote in a 2015 blog post that they always make the time for dates so they can "catch up with each other" even after having 19 kids.

John David and Abbie certainly looked like they appreciated having some time to catch up with each other while Jana loved getting to spend some special one-on-one time with her niece.