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Jason From 'The Bachelorette' Has A Pretty Interesting Instagram

Jason is the dark horse of this Bachelorette season, and I am here for it. As with most of the contestants, he has been pretty active on Instagram while the show airs — but he was active on social media before his TV debut as well. Jason's Instagram before The Bachelorette shows that he knows how to have a good time and how to make fun of himself as well.

Jason's Instagram (@jason_tartick) is now sporting around 90,000 followers since he began appearing on The Bachelorette (I somehow doubt he had nearly as many just as a Seattle corporate banker). His first photo is dated November 16, 2016 where he's seen with friends and pro-wrestler Conor McGregor. In the photo, Jason and friends are seen pointing to each other and touching McGregor's shoulder in a very cozy group shot. Wait — is Jason actually buddies with McGregor? I would love to know the story of this pic.

Jason's second photo, like several others, features the Friends of Carly White Party. According to its website, Friends of Carly is a charity that serves to make life easier and offer support for children with cancer and their families. It's specific to Western New York, where Jason is from — the Bachelorette contestant hails from Buffalo, New York. The annual White Party occurs to raise money for the charity; from his Instagram, fans know that Jason went to the 2018 White Party as well.

From then, Jason's pre-Bachelorette photos feature him showing off a little bit, like the photo he took with the Patriots championship ring. But several other photos show him shouting out his family, like his post dedicated to his mom on her birthday. When he's not serving Joey Donner realness, he's making fun of it — like this photo of his haircut with the caption, "If you own stock in a hair gel company, sell it!" You gotta love a man who is self-aware!

Editor’s Note: The Instagram post has since been deleted.

Jason's last Instagram photo before The Bachelorette was for Mother's Day. Since the show started, Jason has kept up with Instagram so much that the number of photos posted during Bachelorette is starting to outnumber the number of pre-Bachelorette posts. That's understandable, as he now has a huge audience hungry for Bachelorette content — like me.

Jason's Instagram largely shows a nice mix of content, including some charity auction photos, some golf videos, and of course, some Bachelorette memes.

When I said Jason is this season's dark horse, I really mean it. I didn't expect him to make the top 6 or to have the connection with Becca he has. I guess that's my bad, but seeing as they just had their first one-on-one date last week, they haven't had a lot of time on camera together. The one-on-one started out a little weird — a tour of Richmond, Virginia's famous sites, the Edgar Allen Poe museum, and an "Unhappy Hour" with a bunch of goths. The best part of the date was saved for last: Becca surprised Jason with three of his friends, and she got to know him in a hometown-way before the official hometown dates.

After the date, Jason opened up about his family struggles which made Becca want to do the same. So not only do they have fun together, but they got to know each other on a deeper level. I'm excited to see where Jason goes in the competition the next few weeks as the season inches closer and closer to the finale. Hopefully he'll be updating his Instagram account the entire time (and continuing to show off that '90s bad boy hair).