Prepare To Aww, Because Jeremy Vuolo Just Shared The Most Precious Instagram Of Baby Felicity

Baby makes three! After months of anticipation, People reported on July 19 that Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo officially welcomed their first child, a daughter. The couple named their baby girl Felicity Nicole, and she was born on July 19 at 4:37 a.m., weighing 8 pounds and 3 ounces. Though the couple had announced on their website that "both mom and baby are healthy, doing great, and resting well," neither had formally shared a photo of their new addition on social media until now. On Monday, July 30, Jeremy Vuolo shared his first Instagram of baby Felicity, and save to say, it's as adorable as you'd imagine.

The post features a blurred out photo of Felicity behind the words, "Dear world, hi. Warmly, Felicity." In the caption, Jeremy redirected fans and followers to the family's personal website, on which he said that Felicity had a message for everyone. Following the link in his bio, Jeremy and Jinger uploaded a video of themselves holding Felicity, introducing her to the world for the very first time.

"We named our baby Felicity Nicole," Jinger began. "We went with Nicole because it's Jinger's middle name and a way to honor her, and Felicity really describes supreme joy, the joy that we have in this little one and the joy that we pray she will have throughout her life," Jeremy continued.

"It's incredible being first time parents," Jinger continued in the video. "It's something you think about, and dream about, but when it's actually here I think the reality hits you and it's just the sweetest thing in the world."

Jeremy agreed with the sentiment, adding, "I think the most exciting thing about having a little girl is seeing this little piece of Jinger and me together."

They concluded by agreeing that there are "no words to describe" what it feels like to hold their daughter, and thanking fans for their support and love throughout their journey.

Though this is the first time that the couple shared a somewhat clear photo of Felicity's face on Instagram, they did announce her delivery on social media on July 19. "Happy birthday baby girl," Jeremy posted with a blurred out photo of himself and Jinger holding their daughter. Jinger had a similar approach, posting another blurred out photo and welcoming her daughter to the world, even signing it "mom."

In the time since, the couple has been keeping fans updated on what it's like to have a baby at home, particularly through a few very funny, painfully relatable Instagram posts. On July 25, for example, Jeremy posted a photo that read, "To sleep, my dear friend and faithful companion, so long. It was a good run. Fondly, Jeremy." He captioned the photo: "#parenthood." Later he posted a similar image, saying: "To coffee, it's just me and you now. Don't let me down. Gracefully, Jeremy."

Though the couple is undoubtedly adjusting to their new life as parents, it has been apparent for months that they're so excited to welcome a new addition into their family. "I am praying that the baby will look like, talk like, act like, and be like Jinger so I have asked everyone else to pray as well," Jeremy said in the couple's pregnancy announcement video. "I was a little terror as a child so I'm hoping the little one will be as much like Jinger as possible."

As for Jinger, she admitted that she was surprised by some aspects of pregnancy, despite having seen so many people in her family go through it as many times as they have. “I do think probably what surprised me most is just being so tired all the time," she told Us Weekly. “I was never a napper, like having to take a nap, and now it's like, 'Ooh! I think I want to nap every day!'"

She also said that her sisters had been a huge help in offering pregnancy advice. “They've said, 'Just take a nap, don't feel bad if you need to lay down in the middle of the day,'" Jinger added, according to Us Weekly. “Especially when I was in all the morning sickness, I talked to them a lot about what they did, how they got through their morning sickness and I think that was some of the best advice — just resting, taking it easy."

Hopefully the Vuolos got all those naps in early... because as Jeremy has already found out, they'll be few and far between for a while.