Josiah Duggar & Lauren Swanson *Might* Have Just Hinted At Their Honeymoon Destination — PHOTO

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson got hitched on June 30, about five months after they announced their courtship. And ever since Duggar and Swanson traded vows, they've been MIA on social media. But just when you thought Duggar and Swanson were off the 'gram for good, the couple returned to Instagram on Monday. And by the looks of it, Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson's first Instagram post since their stunning wedding in Arkansas might reveal their honeymoon destination, or at least somewhere they've traveled since tying the knot. Get ready, Counting On sleuths.

Growing up, Duggar was his family's prankster. Duggar, as many 19 Kids & Counting fans already know, loved to play tricks on TLC's camera crew, and he always had great sense of humor. In fact, Duggar played a big joke at Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar's wedding in September 2017 when he pretended to lose the couple's wedding rings. The ruse ended when an unknown guest propelled down from the chapel's ceiling to hand Duggar the rings, a performance that earned him a lot of laughs. As I said, Duggar is a fan of games, and it's really no surprise he decided to add an air of playfulness to his first post-wedding snap with Swanson.

"Can anyone guess where we were here in these photos? 2nd photo may help you figure it out," Duggar teased in the post, according to Instagram. How mysterious... let the guessing game begin.

As fans can tell from the romantic photos (yep, the two are smooching in the pics), it looks like Duggar and Swanson are in some kind of forest or national park. I also spot a geyser in the pic, a detail that should help narrow down the location, which may or may not be their honeymoon. Lastly, it looks like the newlyweds are dressed in summer clothing, so they probably didn't venture to somewhere cold.

So, where do viewers think Duggar and Swanson took off to? The popular guess is Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

"My guess is Yellowstone," one person wrote on Instagram.

"Yellowstone! Near the paint pots! Beautiful spot, I’ve taken pictures of that exact spot, but in the Fall!" another person added.

"Someone else chimed in: "Yellowstone! My husband and I went there on our honeymoon!"

"Looks like Yellowstone. Gorgeous place," one person commented.

Although Duggar and Swanson have yet to confirm if they traveled to Yellowstone for their honeymoon, I'd wager fans are right about this one. Yellowstone does have geysers, and it looks like the couple did pose in front of the park's famous "paint pots." Not to mention, Arkansas is only a short flight away from Wyoming. Great detective work, Counting On diehards.

Honeymoon location aside, it looks like Duggar and Swanson couldn't be happier to be married. Want proof? Look no further than the pair's cinematic PDA in the snaps, a scene fans couldn't stop talking about.

"Go on and kiss on your wife," a fan wrote to Duggar.

"Beautiful Pictures!!" another commenter said.

"Congratulations on the wedding! You guys are a beautiful couple," someone else penned.

Now that Duggar and Swanson are back on social media, I bet fans will see a lot more of their romantic relationship. Duggar is one of the most social siblings out of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's large brood, after all, and he shared a lot of pics with Swanson during their courtship and engagement. Plus, Duggar is absolutely smitten with Swanson.

Duggar once gushed about Swanson, according to People:

What attracted me to Lauren was really just seeing her. She had a head on her shoulders, working on college, stuff like that. She loves getting out of her shell and just encouraging others. That’s the biggest thing for me — she focuses on others. She’s from a family with lots of kids, so she knows how to handle all that. There’s a lot of character there that I see in her life and really someone I’d like to learn more about.


On that note, here's to the happy couple and all of the adventures they'll share going forward.