Don't Worry, Josiah Duggar & Lauren Swanson's Wedding Journey Will Indeed Be On 'Counting On'

The good news from the Duggar family keeps on coming. On Saturday, June 30, Josiah Duggar married his fiancé Lauren Swanson in a ceremony in Duggar's home state of Arkansas. This, of course, is super exciting — but what is a little disappointing is that all of the fans of the Duggar family couldn't physically be there for the wedding. But they shouldn't be too disappointed just yet. The good news is, Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson's wedding journey will be on Counting On, so everyone tag along for their love story.

As previously stated, Duggar and Swanson married this past Saturday at John Brown University Cathedral of the Ozarks in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, according to People — and based on the details from their wedding, it sounded like it was a sight to see. Swanson's father, Dwain Swanson, officiated the ceremony, according to People, and during the reception, all of the guests got to enjoy dining on "cupcakes, a candy bar, and a strawberry shortcake flavored, heart shaped wedding cake." Feeling the FOMO, yet?

In a video message to fans, taken a few minutes after their wedding, the couple let fans in on a little more about their ceremony. "From walking down the aisle, to looking in his eyes, saying our vows was probably one of my favorite moments," Swanson said, in the video.

But the couple didn't talk too much about their wedding in the video, either. Instead, they were focused on the next chapter of their lives now that their wedding is out of the way. Duggar said, in the video:

I think for both of us, what we're really looking forward to this chapter in our lives is to spend time with each other as a couple, really slowing down. And I made a priority years ago, for my first year of marriage especially, to just slow down on work stuff as I can, and really focus on our relationship with each other.

However, the most important thing that Duggar and Swanson said in the video is the last thing they said — they told fans to watch the "journey to their wedding day" on Duggar's family's reality show, TLC's Counting On. That is confirmation that not only their wedding will be shown on the reality show, but the moments leading up to it as well. Although fans might have gotten some kind of FOMO by reading the details of their wedding, they will definitely not get that by following Duggar and Swanson's journey on the new season of Counting On. And luckily, fans won't have to wait too long to be able to watch it all.

The new season of Counting On will air on Monday, July 30, according to In Touch Weekly, which means that the episodes will continue to air throughout the following weeks. Given how many siblings are in the Duggar family (19 of them, to be exact) there are a lot of things that the episodes need to cover — like Jinger Duggar's pregnancy, Joseph and Kendra Duggar's birthing story, and of course, Josiah's relationship with Swanson. The trailer for this season of Counting On promises to show all of those very exciting moments.

Since the time Josiah and Swanson started their courtship in January, the couple has been teasing that fans would be able to watch their journey on Counting On (it's how they ended their courtship announcement video) — and now they finally will when the new season of Counting On airs.

Although the new episodes of Counting On will not air until the end of this month, this gives fans plenty of time to catch up on old episodes of Counting On and get even more excited for the new ones to come.