Khloe Kardashian Says True & Dream Are "Little Art Vandelays" — PHOTOS

Between their long-running reality TV show, cosmetic empires, sock companies, and more, the Kardashian family is clearly a talented bunch. And it looks like Khloé Kardashian's daughter could hold down the art department in the fam, if some new photos are any indication. The proud mom to nearly 2-year-old daughter, True Thompson, took to her Instagram recently to share the cutest photos of her daughter painting up a storm, dubbing her an "Art Vandelay" in the making.

Kardashian took to her Instagram Story on Thursday, Feb. 6 to show off her daughter and niece, Dream Kardashian, and their latest bits of artwork. In the photos, True and Dream can be seen sitting on a white floor with their paint brushes in hand, and colorful paint palettes beside them. The little girls sit in front of their canvases, intent on making masterpieces their parents will surely cherish forever. "My little Art Vandalays," Kardashian captioned the photos on her Instagram Story.

Truly, looking at the photos Kardashian posted, I'm convinced they could be little Picassos, or Art Vandelays, in the making.

The name Art Vandelay is a running joke that comes from the beloved 90s sitcom, Seinfeld, where the characters use the made up name as a means of escape. The name on the show doesn't have anything to do with art, and Kardashian actually spelled the name wrong on her Instagram Story, but her joke caption is still really cute, of course. Kim Kardashian, Khloé's sister, randomly tweeted "Art Vandalay" accompanied by the laughing while crying emoji in 2018, so the sisters must be fans of the show.

Whether they grow up to become Art Vandelays or Van Goghs in the future, Dream and True seem to enjoy being little artists.