Khloé Kardashian's Throwback Photo Of Baby True Is Getting Fans All Riled Up

Another day, another rabid mob of angry trolls who despair over the fate of the poor, poor Kardashian children. It remains utterly incredible to me, how people never seem to tire of hating on the Kardashians for being famous yet also managing to make them more famous by talking about them all the time. It's sort of hilarious. This week's Kardashian victim? Khloé. The new mom is at that stage where she loves sharing pictures, and hopefully she has a thick skin about criticism. Because fans got super riled up about Khloé Kardashian's throwback photo of baby True Thompson for the usual ridiculous reasons.

The Revenge Body host welcomed her first baby, True, with Cleveland Cavaliers player, Tristan Thompson, in Cleveland, Ohio on April 12 of this year. On Thursday, she posted a picture of her little girl from two months ago, sleeping peacefully on her mom as she sat cross-legged on the floor.

Now brace yourselves for the shock of the century here, guys; in the picture, True is leaning forward with her little head resting on Khloé's arm. She's sort of sitting up and leaning sideways, I guess is how you would describe it, and naturally every Kardashian critic on the planet lost their damn minds with *concern* over the welfare of little True Thompson.

There were two issues that commenters found especially distressing about this picture that was taken two whole months ago; Khloé's nails were too long and True's fragile little baby neck was apparently not being properly supported. People went after the new mom on her Instagram comments section.

"Nails are too long for baby handling and baby’s gonna get a stiff neck.... sorry, love you girl but seriously...." one follower wrote.

Another wrote, "Her neck 🤲🏼."

"Support her neck," one more chimed in.

Yet another wrote, "Why are you not supporting her neck my God."

"I'm gonna need you to cradle her head and neck better than that. Please," one more fan commented.

If you find yourself worried about True, here's a recent picture of her to prove she somehow survived this disaster.

And because she's a celebrity mom, you know the haters had to pile it on with some comments about her nails too.

"Khlo, how do you change diapers with these nails? 🤔" one fan wrote.

Another penned, "Very baby-friendly nails."

"And her head needs to held and your nails need to be cut!" one more quipped.

At least a few Kardashian fans knew what was going to happen as soon as the Good American jean designer posted this picture of her little girl. Some would say she was adorable (because she is) but they knew there would be plenty of trolls with their fingers hovering above their keyboard desperate to call the new mom out for anything.

"Cue all the haters coming in about the baby’s head lolling in 3...2..." one fan commented.

Another wrote, "I'm just here for all clip your nails and support her head comments🤦🤦. Heehee. For real though, she is a sweetheart."

One clever social media user decided to just go ahead and state the obvious: what's the point of getting all heated about a picture that was taken two months ago? "'sUpPorT tHe nEck!' they cried in the comments of a photo taken two months ago," the fan commented.

For those of you still concerned that Khloé's nails are going to scratch up her baby's skin or that she doesn't know how to support True's head; guys, she's been the baby's mom for more than three months now. True can hold her own head up at this point, as we've all seen in pictures, so the perfect parenting police can do some deep breathing and calm the hell down.

For the record, Livestrong notes that a baby can support their neck after one month for small periods of time. Especially if they are resting on something like, oh I don't know, a parent's arm. The way that Khloé is holding True in this pic is a variation of a belly hold, when you support a baby's head from under their chin rather than behind their head. And parenting site Very Well Family recommends this as a gentle hold for babies.

So when it comes to the Kardashians, I get it. People get frustrated because the Kardashians swim in buckets of money and look great and have cute babies. I'm green with envy, too. But maybe just know that you're really upset about their fame and probably not genuinely worried about their perfectly healthy kids, OK? OK.