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Kourtney Kardashian Perfectly Shut Down A Mom-Shamer While On Her Family Vacation

One thing about moms: Each one of us dreams about a vacation. No, not a "trip," as in flying across the country with fussy children to crash on your mother-in-law's lumpy sofa so she can get to know the kids and give you unsolicited advice. As in a real vacay... beaches and fruity drinks, or twinkling lights and a bistro. It's not that the kids can't come along, it's just that everyone needs some time to themselves, just like one Kardashian mama has been doing. If you follow the Kardashians on Instagram, then you know that the oldest of the bunch has been having the ultimate Euro trip. And while most people posted compliments on her bathing suits or shared how they wished they could be on yacht too on her photos, some took to her comments to slam the mom of three for simply enjoying herself. Luckily, Kourtney Kardashian had a response to a mom-shamer who criticized her for taking a vacation, questioning where her kids were, and it was straight-forward, yet totally classy.

Kourtney — who has been documenting her adventures cruising around the Italian Riviera for a portion of her summer — recently added a shot of herself on Instagram in which she is wearing a sequined orange-gold bikini and blissfully eating focaccia bread.

"Just finished my daily basket of focaccia..hbu," Kourtney captioned her photo, taken off the coast of beautiful Portofino.

Not long after she shared the photo, someone commented, rather nastily, with, "Where are your kids?”

Leave it to Kourtney to answer directly back — without breaking a sweat at all the judgy judgement coming her way.

My son was taking the photo, and the other two were sitting at a table across from me. Thank you so much for your concern.

Now, as a harried mom who hasn't so much been to a day spa in ages — let alone to the spot some consider Italy's best — I can understand feeling some inner jealousy looking at this photo. But nitpicking another woman's day-to-day parenting choices — especially when you're not there to see the all the triumphs, either — does nothing. It's rude and well, it's really just not a good look.

Yes, the 39-year-old mom of three and oldest sister in the legendary reality TV family, does live a life with plenty of privilege. But that doesn't mean she shouldn't be allowed to enjoy her success and some down time, with or without her kids.

And for the record, as she pointed out in her clap back, she's traveling with all of her kids. Kourtney shares three kids with ex Scott Disick: 8-year-old son, Mason; 6-year-old daughter, Penelope; and 3-year-old son, Reign. And Penelope, as it happened, just celebrated her 6th birthday aboard the boat, according to People, and Kourtney posted on Instagram that she flew in mom Kris Jenner just for the occasion. Clearly, the whole vacay was a family affair.

It's also funny that no matter what a mom does, no matter who she is, she just can't catch a break. Like, if Kourtney was always out with her kids at Target, looking bedraggled, I promise you someone would say that with all her money, she should get herself a nanny and put herself together more.

In fact, the science behind why women put down other women is something that experts are actively looking into. According to Psychology Today, factors including a woman's social learning (or modeling) from her own mother and the fewer financial and professional opportunities women can receive in competing against men can lead to greater peer-to-peer competition among women. Without realizing it, this may contribute unconsciously to the need to criticize another mom, and if it's a famous one you don't know, maybe you think it doesn't count?

The truth is, Kourtney appears to be a pretty chill, totally loving, and fun mom. Her Instagram and Twitter feeds are filled with cute pics of the kids and suggestions for bedtime rituals and healthy eating. She also posted photos of Penelope's shared birthday party with cousin North West, which had a Unicorn theme. Not exactly cause for alarm, people.

Whatever the future holds for Kourtney and her cute clan, I say que sera sera as far as her fabulous vacations go! Having fun in Italy has never been a crime.