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People Have ~Feelings~ About Kylie Jenner Piercing Stormi’s Ears

Considering Kylie Jenner is a makeup mogul, and that she helped build her personal brand by being really good at looking pretty in selfies, it makes sense that she would enjoy glamorizing her daughter. Therefore, I'm not surprised at all that Kylie Jenner got Stormi's ears pierced. However, some people on the internet (who evidently haven't gotten the memo that no one wants to hear their negative opinions on someone else's parenting) have ~feelings~ on the matter.

On Wednesday, Jenner shared a photo to Snapchat of her 5-month-old Stormi sleeping on top of her mama. In the picture, a small stud earring is clearly visible in Stormi's ear. In Jenner's following Snap, captioned "the best kisses," she is seen cuddling up with her baby girl and giving her smooches. Stormi still has a visible earring in the adorable clip.

Piercing baby ears is a controversial matter, with many people on both sides of the argument. So, of course, some people opposed to the practice took to Twitter to voice their concerns.

"Oh you gotta be kidding me. Who the hell pierced the ears of a baby. What comes next, toddler tattoos?" one critic tweeted. "Christ, Stormi is less than 6 months old and Kylies already got her ears pierced. shouldn’t be allowed at all," tweeted another.

Others quickly came to the Kylie Cosmetics founder's defense. Some explained that they had their ears pierced as babies and everything was fine; others pointed out that piercing baby girls' ears is a tradition in some cultures.

Additionally, some simply pointed out that Jenner's parenting choices are not anyone's business.

Interestingly, Jenner's sister, Kim Kardashian, also faced backlash for piercing North's ears when she was around 1 year old, back in 2014, the Huffington Post reported. And Jenner's brother, Rob Kardashian, and his ex, Blac Chyna, received similar flack when they let their daughter Dream get her ears pierced at 11 months old last year. "Why? She's just a child, let her be a child and not a woman. There's time for that later on," someone tweeted at the time. "I don't agree with it at that age," tweeted another.

So, what do medical experts have to say about all this? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises waiting until your child is old enough to take care of their piercing themselves. The AAP also notes that as long as the piercing is performed and cared for properly, the risks are small.

Still, there are several risks when it comes to getting ears pierced, no matter how old your child is. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the risks include bleeding, allergies, tearing, infection, keloids (thick scars that form from irregular healing, according to Everyday Health), and embedded backings (when skin grows over the back of an earring, according to Healthfully). Additionally, there's the risk of aspiration (aka the earring getting caught in your babies throat), which can easily be avoided by making sure their earrings are securely fastened, according to Babble.

All that being said, there are also some benefits to piercing your a baby's ears. For one thing, it's important to keep a new piercing clean, according to Healthline, and as one Romper writer pointed out, babies are much cleaner than children. They are exposed to less outdoor elements, they are less likely to touch their ears with dirty hands, and they spend most of their time at home, which may decrease the chance of an infection. Plus, as Johns Hopkins Medicine pointed out, infections only affect 24 percent of all ear piercings.

And as mentioned above, piercing babies ears is a tradition in several cultures. For example, in India, there is a widely observed Hindu sacrament called Karnavedha. Karnavedha is an ear piercing ceremony typically performed when a baby is 12 or 13 days old, according to AchhaBachha.

Kylie Jenner clearly loves Stormi so much, and I have no doubt that she is taking care of Stormi's new piercings with great care every day.