Luna & Miles dressed up in personalized Super Bowl outfits
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Luna & Miles Dressed Up In The Cutest Outfits For Super Bowl 2020

Baby celebs showed up and showed out for Super Bowl LIV. Luna and Miles' Super Bowl outfits had the pair of them in mini jerseys and it gave me some serious outfit envy. Mom Chrissy Teigen posted a few photos and pictures to her Instagram Stories of her and the family celebrating the Super Bowl at what appears to be a house party, and viewers can see the personalized outfits that Luna and Miles wore for the big game.

Luna and Miles wore a leotard and jersey with the numbers 1 and 2, respectively, printed on the front and back along with their names. Luna's outfit went a bit further, with the front of it looking like a football with white laces going down her brown body suit. They walked around the fun event enjoying cotton candy art — Miles' looked like a freaking panda bear, you guys, with ears and everything — and having a pretty good time by the looks of it.

The Legend-Teigen family was busy this Super Bowl season. Teigen crafted some delicious looking Super Bowl party recipes and shared a beautiful photo of her bagel pigs in a blanket to her Instagram. After trying the recipes out on her kids, she dropped one new recipe per day leading up to Sunday's game.


The couple also appeared in a Super Bowl commercial wherein they presented Hyundai's luxury vehicle brand Genesis' first SUV, the Genesis GV80, as the definition of "young luxury." Luna and Miles didn't appear in that family affair, but I'd argue that the party they attended was even more fun than the fancy party shown in the ad.

I doubt that either kid cared what the actual turnout of the game was — their mom admitted in her Stories to not caring much one way or another, aside from betting on the outcome — but any excuse to eat cotton candy, am I right?