We *Have* To Talk About These Customized Labor Gowns & Decor For Your Hospital Room

Recent design trends have seen dorm rooms get a glow-up, camp cabins with the designer treatment, and even laundry rooms became havens of decor. But presently, the design takeover is delivering a new trend, because matching delivery room sets are now a real thing for the mom who says, "Tear me a new one, but make it fashion."

Now, I don't begrudge women who want to look as best they can when they're delivering and caring for their child. After all, I went into labor with a full face of makeup twice. (Even had a blowout before delivering my daughter.) However, that being said, this new trend is a little out there — even for someone like me. As reported by Mums' Grapevine, women are decking out their delivery room with matching decor and outfits all designed to suit the taste of the new mom. Gone are the days of the pink and blue striped hospital blanket and backless hospital gown, and in are times of couture faux fur wraps and specially-vented pajamas.

Although, I think we all know the real question: how do you get amniotic fluid out of a fur blanket? I am willing to bet that it's dry clean only. Be prepared to horrify some unsuspecting cleaning professionals with this lot.

Well, I guess giving birth is a bit of a circus. And why not start your child's fear of clowns immediately after they draw their first breath? Teach them that Pennywise should not be trusted — tie a red balloon to your knee for the delivery as a lure to get them out. You could even buy one of those funny red clown noses for your husband and OB-GYN to wear. Imagine the Instagram possibilities. Is there a TikTok this could apply to? It could be a huge sensation. Sure, $500 is a lot to spend on something that will be sprayed with who-knows-what, but isn't it all about the memories?

Why stop there? There are so many choices when it comes to bedecking the room where a new human will be screaming for your boobs, but why not make it cute? A custom designed sheet for mama to lie upon as she sheds her afterbirth? It just feels right. OK, I'm not going to lie, I actually like this one for newborn photos, but I'd hold off until I am not bleeding through a giant pad per hour.

If you have the extra cash to burn, and you're so extra that your Instagram has an Instagram, matching delivery room sets might be for you. As for me? Just pass me some powder and make sure I'm not shiny, and we can be friends.