You'll Want To Eat Everything Your Kid Makes From Christina Tosi's New Cookbook

Have a lot of extra Halloween candy lying around the house? Tired of sneaking it out from under your child’s suspicious eyes? Give them a copy of Milk Bar bakery chef Christina Tosi’s new cookbook, "Milk Bar: Kids Only," and you just might convince them that sharing all their candy mashed up in Trick or Treat Quakes for two is merely a fun family activity, not your stealthy way of snacking on their sweets.

At least that’s one way to treat this fabulous new children’s cookbook. Tosi, the reigning queen of creative desserts who is founder and owner of Milk Bar's 16 locations, has taken her love of all things sweet and gooey and turned it into a saccharine dream designed intentionally for young chefs.

Organized like a calendar with recipe suggestions for each month, "Milk Bar: Kids Only" features dishes like Apple Pie Waffles, PB&J Cereal Treats, and Choco Crunch Cookies. Centered around bright and brilliant photographs with kid-friendly instructions, Tosi writes that she created the collection because “it’s the cookbook I didn’t have when I was growing up.” With two working parents, Tosi adds that she often turned to the kitchen after school. But rather than wait for her folks to get home to turn on the oven, she began concocting her own cookie dough and cereal treats. “Judging by the looks on my sister Angela’s face, I was mad crazy to think they were serve-able. Edible, even.” But thanks to Tosi's mom’s advice (“Just be yourself”), the young chef persisted beyond her early botched batches to become the cookie guru we know today.

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And that’s the attitude she wants children to take. “Your imagination knows no limit. This is the kind of world I believe in. And when it comes to baking, I believe there is no better way to be,” she writes.

Her Trick or Treat Quakes are the perfect example. Other kid baking books might start out by teaching children about yeast and proofing. Not Tosi’s. Instead she instructs kids on how to take a handful of their favorite fun-size chocolate bars, four scoops of ice cream, and blend it all together for a scary good treat. How’s that for a no-fail Baking 101? Try it with your own mini baker by using Tosi's recipe below.

Trick or Treat Quakes

Makes 2 quakes


4 large scoops of ice cream, a little softened (vanilla or chocolate work great)

6 to 8 fun-size chocolate bars or candies of your choosing, plus more for topping



ice cream scoop

2 tall glasses



Combine the ice cream and candies in a blender and blend for 45 seconds, or until you reach your preferred thickness.


Pour into glasses and serve with a spoon.


At Milk Bar, we love to drink our shakes just fine, but even more so, we love to eat our quakes. The thicker and more luxurious cousin of the shake, the quake requires a spoon—and a hearty appetite.

Reprinted from Milk Bar Kids Only. Copyright © 2020 by MomoMilk, LLC Photographs © 2020 by Henry Hargreaves. Published by Clarkson Potter, an imprint of Random House