Nilsa's Instagram Shows What The 'Floribama Shore' Star Does Out Of The House

When it comes to what happens on Floribama Shore, nothing's really kept off air. Fans get to see all the drama and hook-ups play out on screen, but that's still only part of the cast's lives. They don't live in the house year round so what does the cast do when they're not in the house? One way to find out is by looking at their social media accounts. For example, looking at Nilsa's Instagram shows the Floribama Shore star knows how to have fun in and out of the house.

In the house, Nilsa has gotten into a bit of trouble. First, she let her feelings for Jeremiah turn into fights when he brought another woman to the house. Nilsa has also had some conflicts with Kortni, but in Nilsa's defense Kortni gets into fights with pretty much everyone. Outside of the drama, Nilsa is also looking for love. Early on Season 1, Gus made his interest in Nilsa clear by asking her out on a date, but Nilsa wasn't impressed with him at all and only had eyes for Jeremiah. However, in this second season it looks like Nilsa is ready and willing to give Gus another chance. But will it just be a casual hook-up or could they actually become something more? Fans will just have to keep watching to find out.

For now, check out these pics from Nilsa's Instagram to learn more about her life outside of the house.

You Can Find Her at the Beach

Just like on the show, Nilsa spends a good amount of her time at the beach hanging out with her friends and having a good time. Here she is celebrating the Fourth of July with her besties.

She Enjoys Hitting the City

While she'll always be a Floribama girl, Nilsa enjoys hitting the town as well. Here she is in New York City, living it up in Times Square. Can you believe no one recognize her?

She Hits the Red Carpet

This year Nilsa went to the MTV Movie & TV Awards with her Floribama Shore cast. While their show didn't score any nominations, it looks like Nilsa still had a fun time with her cast mates. Also, Nilsa looked fabulous.

She Loves Coffee Just Like the Rest of Us

While any form of alcohol may be the drink of choice in the Floribama Shore house, Nilsa is also a big fan of coffee, particularly espresso.

She Enjoys Spending Time With Family

One of the benefits of being outside of the Floribama Shore house is Nilsa gets to spend time with her family. Here she is with her cousin, Lee.

She's the Best Auntie

Speaking of family, Nilsa is the aunt of the cutest little baby boy on the planet. So adorable! He's probably too young to watch his aunt's show though. Maybe when he's older.

She's an Instagram Promoter

Like many celebs, Nilsa uses her Instagram to promote products like Smile Science.

She Hangs Out With Her Cast Mates

Even when they're out of the house, the Floribama Shore cast get together to have fun. Nilsa caught up with her fellow cast mate, Candace, to celebrate CMT's new show, Music City. It looks like they had a great time.

She Tends The Bar

Though this doesn't appear to be her regular day to day job, Nilsa appears to be a skilled bartender. You may able to catch her here at Wild Gregs sometime. Just keep an eye on her Instagram to get updates on Nilsa's bartending.

She Loves to Dance

Whether she's out in the clubs or just joking around with friends, Nilsa loves to get her feet moving. It's clear Nilsa loves to dance and she doesn't care who's watching — or recording.

Obviously, Nilsa keeps busy when she's not living it up in the Floribama Shore house. You can catch Nilsa on the show when it airs on Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET.