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Jason From 'The Bachelorette' Looks Just Like This '90s Star

Honestly, what is The Bachelorette without Bachelor Nation? The online community of fans make the show so much more fun to watch, and one thing they've latched onto this season is how Jason looks like Joey Donner from 10 Things I Hate About You. The resemblance is truly uncanny.

For those of you who have never seen 10 Things I Hate About You, go Amazon Prime that movie ASAP. But here's a refresher beforehand: Joey Donner is the antagonist of the movie. A jock and bully, he's a classic teen movie villain. Joey is played by actor Andrew Keegan, whose IMDb is full of other 1990s goodness like Party of Five, Independence Day, and even an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

In recent years, Keegan's been in the news for a totally different venture: spiritual leader. Keegan is the co-founder of Full Circle, whose mission is to "activate community through a curation of heart-centered, spirited programming that creates space for authentic connection," according to its website. Some outlets, like Jezebel, have called Keegan a cult leader while New York Magazine called Keegan a "teen idol turned spiritual leader." During the 2015 interview with the magazine Keegan said, "I had this girl come up to me not that long ago and say, 'I used to just love you ... It’s always past tense now. And I’m like, 'Can’t we just always love each other and everybody in the world?'"

It's partly due to the slicked back hair, but even their faces look similar. It looks spooky, like Joey Donner stepped out of the 10 Things I Hate About You universe, became a banker, and went on The Bachelorette almost 20 years later. Except Jason would never pay a hunky outcast to take a budding feminist to the prom so that he could take out her sister in order to win a gross bet with his buddies. Probably.

Perhaps it's unfair to compare Jason to a teen movie villain but let's face it: even though he sucks, Joey Donner was hot. But he's not the only person Jason's been compared to. Twitter has also drawn comparisons to plenty of other dreamboats with a fondness for hair gel.

My personal favorite comparison is to Alex Turner of the band Arctic Monkeys, though he actually resembles a young Al Pacino as well. If nothing else, Jason has got some great Halloween costume ideas from The Bachelorette fans.

But Jason has gotten more out of the show than famous doppelgangers. His connection with Becca is apparent and was brought out by their first one-on-one date in Richmond. Becca felt it too, saying, "I've always felt like Jason was a great guy and I've always really liked my time with him. He always makes me smile and laugh and we are slowly opening up to one another. So today is his day."

I'm glad Becca always thought Jason was a great guy, considering she forgot his name earlier this season. In fairness, she has to learn about 28 guys in one night which is basically like cramming for an AP test, so I understand the confusion. The date really charmed her. In a voiceover she also said, "Jason is really growing on me. … I didn't know there is this connection and chemistry coming from him. But like, damn, Jason can kiss."

Exciting! Well, hopefully the show works out better for Jason than 10 Things I Hate About You did for Joey. But Jason is a much better person and not a "villain," so it really should. Regardless of their personality differences, they definitely look alike, so I'm looking forward to more of his 90s realness.