Serena Williams daughter, Olympia, painted her dad's nails in his adorable new Instagram video.

Serena Williams' 2-Year-Old Daughter Olympia Is A Nail-Painting Expert

There is a lot of talent in her genes, so it only makes sense that Serena Williams' daughter's nail painting is incredibly on point. Sure, Williams might be the best tennis player in the world, but her 2-year-old daughter Alexis Olympia, with husband, Alexis Ohanian, could be a future beauty mogul.

Ohanian took to Instagram earlier this week to share the most precious video of Olympia painting his nails with paint. The little girl wears an apron but it doesn't stop her from actually wearing most of the paint on her arms and hands. After adorably counting to 10 (she's so smart), Olympia makes her dad put his hand on the table so she can paint his nails. "What? Why are you painting the top of my hand?," he asks in the video. "Olympia? Are you giving me nail polish?"

The little girl doesn't bother with her dad's clearly irrelevant questions. Instead, she uses her paint brush and paint to perfectly paint his nails. She is so good at painting inside of the lines. "Is papa wearing nail polish?" he asks her to no reply. She continues, choosing another bright color to paint over her masterpiece. "I don't know if this color works for me," he says.

Ohanian can only hope that the paint is water soluble and comes off the next time he washes his hands. Otherwise, his hand has permanently become a 2-year-old's masterpiece. Not that he seems to mind.

Ohanian's followers cannot get over the cuteness that is happening in this video. "Boss baby," one commenter wrote.

"Celebrating this beautiful artistic soul thinking outside the box and 'the lines'," another commenter added. "May she never lose this."

But people are praising Ohanian, too, for being so good with his daughter. "This is so cute," one commenter observed. "Thanks for being a wonderful, patient dad."

They all have a point. Ohanian is not only super patient, but Olympia is pretty talented for her young age — but this really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Although Williams is insanely talented on the tennis court, she is also incredibly creative, as evidenced with her own clothing line, S by Serena. It would only make sense for Olympia to inherit an ounce of her mom's talent.

Maybe Olympia becomes an artist or works in the beauty industry in the future. Whatever the case may be, she's got a bright (and creative) future ahead of her.