Kids Asked Stephen Colbert Questions About The Election & He Kinda, Sorta Answered

In an effort to lend a hand to anxious, exhausted parents who might be fielding endless queries from their little ones about what's going on in this country right now, The Late Show's Stephen Colbert answered kids' election questions. And if you thought you had some confusing thoughts about the election process, just wait until you hear what these kids had to say.

The talk show host and frequent political pundit decided to help out by "answering some real questions from real kids sent in by real parents who could use a real break" on a segment of his program called "Stephen Takes Your Kids." Apparently nobody is considering the possibility of brain-storming new titles for the segment as he hoped.

Colbert ruefully styled himself as an "expert on democracy" before taking his first question from a little girl named Willa, who asked him via video from her home, "Why does there have to be a president?"

The talk show host and dad of three was ready with an answer; according to him, the "main reason there has to be a president is so the vice president has a boss."

It would be interesting to hear what the presidential candidates, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, would respond to such a question. Unfortunately it was not included in either of their dismal presidential debates.

I wouldn't mind hearing their answer to 7-year-old Rhys' question as well, "Can cheese vote?"

For his part, Colbert came up with an impressive response ripe with puns to that question, "Yes, cheese can vote. So long as it is American cheese and aged at least 18 years. And of course, cheese tends to vote in blocks. Gouda question."

The questions went on, with 11-year-old Truman asking "who was the best looking president?" to which Colbert responded that historians considered President Franklin Pierce the best looking, "but they were really just picturing Harry Styles."

Another little girl, 3-year-old Brynn, wanted to vote for Elmo, while finally 6-year-old Eva Jean asked it she would be able to "paint the White house pink and purple" if she became president someday.

Colbert ended the segment with a reminder to kids that they can't vote until they're 18 years old. There were, however, several mock presidential election options for kids this year, from Scholastic to Nickelodeon to The Washington Post, and Biden came out on top.