Molly Ringwald Wore An Avocado In A Baby Carrier & We Have Questions

Super Bowl LIV brought no shortage of hilarious, odd, and downright disturbing commercials. For instance, Molly Ringwald with avocados in a baby carrier talking about skin-to-skin contact might be one of the most, um, unique ads to come out of the big game this year. The ad shows Ringwald on a Home Shopping Network style program showcasing various avocado accessories — avo-cessories? Too far? — including a baby carrier for hands-free avocado enjoyment.

The commercial opens with the host of the "Avocados from Mexico Shopping Network, where buying stuff for your avocados totally isn't weird," presenting the line of products demonstrated by Ringwald. The first item showcased is a mini baby carrier that can hold a single avocado on your chest. And while this item was a bit of a head-scratcher for me, I vividly remember the trend of pizza sleeve necklaces and I'm not sure if this is any stranger.

Ringwald and two other presenters wore their avo-babies in carriers. "Worried your avocado isn't getting enough skin-to-skin contact?" Ringwald asks, before explaining the purpose of this odd product and saying, "Look how always in season he is!" I'm not sure what this carrier is meant to make me feel, presumably like laughing, but it really just makes me amused and confused if I'm totally honest.

Along with these carriers, Ringwald and the gang promoted a tortilla chip-shaped pool float, a matching avocado travel collection so that you can "take your avocado to meet your mom," an avocado music box, an avocado yurt, and an avocado helmet. "Do avocados have heads?" Ringwald asks about that last one, and the answer is, "We don't know, but look how cute this helmet is."

Can't argue with that logic.