Chelsea Houska’s Scary Pregnancy Update Brings Up A Good Point About Privacy

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is expecting her third child, a girl, in September. Fans are understandably thrilled for Houska (she does make super cute kids, after all), and they want to know everything about her pregnancy so far. Although it's sweet that people are supportive during this exciting time, Chelsea Houska's frightening pregnancy update on Monday is a perfect example of why it's important for people to give celebrities privacy. Every person, famous or not, deserves to deal with difficult issues in their own way and on their own time.

Houska announced her third pregnancy in March following months of speculation. "GUESS WHAT! A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months!” Houska captioned a cute shot of her baby's ultrasound, according to Instagram. “We could not be more excited!”

And just one day after the announcement, Houska shared a positive update about her pregnancy with fans. "Here’s the wittle bump since everyone’s been asking lol," Houska penned on Twitter. "This pregnancy has been a breeze so far and I feel pretty damn good!"

Unfortunately, Houska's smooth pregnancy has hit a few road bumps since her last update. After a fan asked for "updates" on her pregnancy, Houska admitted to a few "preterm labor scares." The good news? Houska and her baby are doing just fine.

"I’m 32 weeks tomorrow! Had a few preterm labor scares, but the last few weeks everything has been okay!" Houska revealed on Monday, according to Twitter. "So just trying to get prepared now...can’t wait to meet her."

Phew, it's a relief to hear all is well with Houska's pregnancy at the moment. Here's to hoping Houska makes it to September without any other problems.

Although Houska was under no obligation to share this sensitive news, I'm glad she did because it highlights why fans should wait for pregnant celebrities to divulge information. For starters, the last thing a person needs to deal with during a risky pregnancy is questions from strangers — well-intentioned or not. Let people share personal details on their own time. If they want to share, there's a good chance they will.

Additionally, what if Houska's pregnancy didn't end up OK? The unknowing fan could have put Houska in a very painful position if this had been the case. Or it could have placed pressure on Houska to divulge something she wasn't ready to discuss. Simply put, you can never know what another person is going through, so it's important to tread lightly and especially in these situations.

Lastly, Houska already has a great support system in her inner circle. And Houska especially credits her husband, Cole DeBoer, as a pillar of strength. "I know people always say their husbands are great or whatever but I think mine is the best. He's patient," Houska told E! News. "He works all day and still comes home and helps me with what I need. He makes sure to get time in with the kids before bed. He's just a good guy all around."

As for Houska's Teen Mom pals, they're also provide a source of comfort. "We have been close from the beginning. Maci Bookout is always nice. All of the girls are nice but I'd say I talk with Kailyn and Leah the most," Houska added, according to E! News. "They've been supportive. We've formed our little group chat."

Translation: Houska has her bases covered in the support department. And if Houska does need a little extra love one day, I'm sure she'll reach out to fans.

On that note, here's to Houska enjoying a healthy (and private) pregnancy from here on out. Although people want to know everything about her unborn baby, it's probably a good idea to practice patience during this time. Houska will share updates when she's ready.