These Are The Best Baby Washcloths You Can Buy On Amazon

Giving your baby a bath can be a special bonding time, but it also can be mega-stressful if you find yourself without the right products. When shopping for the best baby washcloths, you of course want them to be soft and durable. Yet, one factor often overlooked is the size of the washcloth.

If you're bathing a newborn, you might be surprised to find just how large and cumbersome a regular-sized washcloth can seem, especially when you are attempting baby's first bath at home. That's why this guide is specifically broken up into the best washcloths for newborns, and then the best washcloths for babies after those initial few months.

However, size isn't the only thing to consider when shopping for baby washcloths. You'll also want to factor in your baby's skin type. If he or she has particularly sensitive skin, or has a common baby condition like eczema, you'll want to make sure you're selecting a washcloth made from the right fibers. You might also be interested in finding ones that are free of chemicals and dyes that can irritate delicate skin.

That said, below you'll find the best washcloths for babies that will have you ready to navigate any bath time situation.

The Best Washcloths for Newborns

If you're bathing a newborn, or really any baby younger than 3-months, you want a washcloth that is small enough to get into their little neck folds and in between their tiny, tiny fingers and toes. The newborn options here are small and/or easily foldable.

  • A Great Organic Set:

If you're looking for an organic option, these super soft, terry-on-one-side, jersey-on-the-other Burt's Bees baby washcloths are the way to go. They are made from 100 percent organic, GOTS-certified cotton that actually gets softer with each wash. And since the cotton is combed and ring-spun, it doesn't get pilly from going through the laundry a lot.

What fans are saying: "After looking at other name brand washcloths in stores, I couldn't believe how thick and coarse they could be. ... I decided to give the Burt's Bees all-white 3-pack a shot. I'm glad I did, so far they are the softest, and thinnest washcloth I have found."

  • A Budget-Friendly Value Pack:

By far the best budget washcloth option is this 12-pack from Luvable Friends. They're soft and long-lasting (i.e. they won't unravel), and since you get a dozen of them, you don't have to do the laundry quite as much. Plus, they're lightweight so they dry quickly. The fun prints and colors brighten up bath time too.

What fans are saying: "These washcloths are small and soft, perfect for just about anything with babies. I have them in every single room of my house and have been using them for almost 3 months. I use them for everything from bath time to eating and I carry them in the diaper bag too. Plus you can't beat the price!"

  • The Best For Sensitive Skin:

A newborn's skin is prone to rashes, like cradle cap, eczema, and prickly heat, according to WebMD. If your little one is dealing with itchy or irritated skin, an extra soft washcloth is essential. These hypoallergenic washcloths from Baltic Wonders are made from 100 percent organic and chemical-free bamboo, a material that is naturally anti-bacterial too, so they're perfect for cleaning sensitive skin without irritating it.

The only downside is that they're a bit big, and on the bulky side, especially if you're bathing a tiny newborn. However, for delicate skin, they can't be beat.

What fans are saying: "These are very soft, and very thick! Highly recommend using them if you have babies. Large washcloth, soft to the skin, doesn't leave fuzz behind when drying your face or hands. Held very well through the washer and dryer, didn't shrink a bit. 5 out of 5 stars for sure! I would gift these to anyone expecting a new bundle."

The Best Washcloths for Infants

When your baby gets a little bigger, you might find yourself wanting a washcloth with some more heft. Things get real messy when babies start feeding themselves. The infant washcloth options below are super soft, welcomingly thick, and designed to tackle all kinds of sticky situations.

  • The Best Overall:

For babies who've outgrown the itty-bitty newborn phase, these large washcloths from Bamboo Organics are the best overall. They win points for softness and sustainability. They're made from the lightest, softest bamboo fibers, which have both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Plus, they're chemical-free and 100 percent biodegradable, so they're an eco-friendly option.

The washcloths are colorful, but free of toxic dyes, and since they're elegantly packaged, they make great shower gifts.

What fans are saying: "I wanted to buy new wash cloths for my grand baby. ... What I was looking for was finished edges. Done! Reasonable price, Done! And a lovely variety pack. Frankly, I wanted to keep some for myself. There is no comparison to the quality and softness to these wash clothes."

  • A Great Set Of Multipurpose Washcloths:

If you're on the hunt for a washcloth that can work double duty, these colorful muslin cloths are totally multi-functional — and great for travel. They're large (12 by 12), so they can be used for bath time, and also as a burp cloth or diaper changing pad. They're made with 100 percent muslin cotton, so they're ultra soft, breathable and hypoallergenic. Since six come in a pack, you can keep some in the bathroom and some in your diaper bag.

What fans are saying: "Baby Muslin Washcloths are not too thin and not too thick, durable, soft (gets softer with every wash), and the handle on the corner is convenient for those who hang them up. Came with a yellow mesh bag to hold them in which is nice as well."

A Matching Washcloth And Towel Set:

For those looking for a towel and washcloth set, you can't go wrong with this ultra high-quality one from Channing & Yates. The plush hooded towel and six included washcloths, made from natural, organic bamboo, are twice as thick and soft as other baby towels, according to the brand. For warmth and absorbency, this is an unbeatable option. Plus, the towel is large so it can grow with your baby.

What fans are saying: "The first time I gave a bath to my baby was quite stressful for both of us. To make it short, by the end of the bath, my baby was screaming and crying tears. But when I put him in the towel, he almost immediately calmed down. I credit the towel (partly), It is super soft. The washcloth is nice too. Highly recommend it."

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