I'm Covering My Home With This Peel-&-Stick Wallpaper Inspired By Children's Books

Wallpaper is known as a finicky way to decorate, but Chasing Paper is making me wish I could cover my entire apartment in lovely patterns and scenes. The new collab between Chasing Paper and Penguin Random House — yes, the children's book publisher — features absolutely gorgeous patterns by award-winning illustrators, making this decor trend even more magical.

Chasing Paper has a lot of beautiful designs, from bold and daring patterns to muted and serene, but this latest line is just the perfect mix of whimsy for any room in the house. While the line isn't meant just for children, if you are looking for a nursery design, this wallpaper could take your baby from their infant days to their tween years seamlessly. (But the peel-and-stick concept means nothing has to last forever.) These greyscale-on-blue drawings of whales, walruses, and other beasts can work for any nook of your home, and I'd even put the Night Sky wallpaper in my dining room (or just about anywhere in the house). Parent tip: I bet you could keep a kid busy for hours looking for constellations on this paper.

I can also say from experience that it's easy to install. My partner and I hung wallpaper in the living room, our bedroom, and our kids' room on just one wall for a bold accent. The whole process, from opening the box to admiring our work, took about four hours. The only tool we needed was a utility knife to cut the excess off of the end. If you want to be really tidy about it, a level would help, too. At $40 per 2 x 4 ft. printed-to-order panel, it's a pretty affordable way to make a statement in your home.

With patterns like these — and the ability to remove them when you want to — you can really get versatile with the Chasing Paper line. If you have cabinets you want to change up, line them in this paper. Or cover a closet door, an old toy chest, or even the ceiling over your child's bunk bed. The possibilities are endless, much like a children's book leads you to believe.