This Futuristic Sleep Sack Actually Monitors Your Baby's *Breathing* — First Look

Sleep sacks themselves are not a new concept, but a sleep sack that helps safely monitor your baby's breathing without electronics is an entirely new way to get your baby to sleep. The Nanit Sleeping Bag, debuting at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this month, combines technology with safe sleep practices, allowing parents to monitor their child's breathing through their Nanit video monitor system while providing them with a cozy sleeping environment. No extra tech bands to wrap around a baby's foot or to strap around their middle — if this technology is something you've been looking for, you can get it right here in your little one's sleepwear.

Just like the rest of Nanit's Breathing Wear line, the Nanit Sleeping Bag uses a distinctive pattern made of different shapes and ink that the Nanit Plus nursery camera (sold separately) can pick up on in order to monitor a baby's breathing motions in real time. Made from 100% cotton, this sleep sack is machine washable and free of any electronic devices, which sounds easy to care for — especially for sleep deprived parents who need to be able to throw a spit-up covered sleep sack straight into the wash.

Apparently the Nanit Sleeping Bag was designed in response to customer demand for a sleep sack that works in conjunction with the Nanit Complete Monitoring System. "The Sleeping Bag is a product we’ve received overwhelming interest in," Nanit CEO Sarah Dorsett said. "Nanit is thrilled to bring to market a new way for parents to feel peace of mind when putting their baby into the crib every night."

The Nanit Sleeping Bag is available in three sizes for babies from 3 to 24 months. You can pre-order the Sleeping Bag on the Nanit website, with the product set to be released on January 31. Each bag retails for $35, and is currently available only in Pebble Grey. Four more colors — midnight blue, powder blue, blush pink, and lilac purple — will be available in the coming months.

Editor's note: This post has been updated to note the Sleeping Bag debuted at CES.