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These Photos Of Kids In Kamala Harris Costumes Will Help Soothe Your Frazzled Nerves

Nine months into a pandemic and a day before a monumental presidential election, many of us are understandably on edge. To cope, might I suggest taking a moment to soothe your frazzled nerves with a nice cup of tea? Or a nourishing face mask? Or how about a parade of kids in Kamala Harris costumes? I know this is something I desperately needed, so I thought you might enjoy it, too. You're welcome.

Political figures are always popular Halloween costumes, especially in an election year. Some even say that sales of candidate masks can predict elections. But while presidential candidates have historically mostly looked pretty old, white, and male, Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris is showing a generation of little girls politicians who look... well, more like them. And come on: the blazer, the Chuck Taylors, the trademark pearls? It's a great look and whomst among us doesn't want/need to see a baby rocking that look, if only for Halloween?

After receiving numerous pictures of little girls dressed as the VP candidate on Twitter, Meena Harris, Sen. Harris' niece, started a thread of some of this year's best Kamala Harris costumes.

The thread is amazing, but hardly the only place one could find images of wee children in blazers proving to all of us that representation matters. There's a lot going wrong in the world right now, but every now and then something this absolutely perfect happens and you just have to take a moment to look through them all. It's the opposite of doomscrolling. This is hopescrolling!


She Is Speaking (Though We May Not Always Understand Her Yet)

Why don't we put all toddlers in wigs? Not on a permanent basis, but for pictures like this at least. It's adorable and hilarious and it seems like a very simple thing we can do to spread a little bit of joy.


Kamala With All The Accessories

It's the tiny mailbox with a ballot sticking out of it that is absolutely sending me.


11-Year-Old Kamala Is Ready To Meet The Press

A young girl named Celeste went viral a couple weeks ago when her mom put this spot-on Kamala impression on Twitter. The Senator herself was impressed, responding "She has my vote. Tell her to keep leading."


Socially Distant Kamala

Even with the mask (and, of course, you have to add the socially responsible mask if you're going to be out and about), you can see that this kiddo's smile is reaching her eyes.


Toddler Kamala Sporting A Pop Of Color (And Bubbles)

OMG the little pink Chucks...


Running (Play)Mates

The only thing better than a tiny Kamala Harris is a tiny Kamala Harris holding hands with a tiny Joe Biden behind a podium. I didn't know how much I needed this until just now. This image will be what sustains me on Election Night.