Why Be A Secret Santa When You Can Use Gift Wrap Paper With Your Face On It?

It's true: I'm obsessed with my family's faces and if I can beautify one more object with their smiling visages this Christmas, I absolutely will. We have laminated ornaments with round-cheeked toddler photos from preschool, pigtailed pictures plastered on mugs we bought from the PTA — in my jewelry box, I even have a resin pendant of my daughter's smiling face. I just like looking at them, and that's why this custom gift wrapping paper you can order with your face or anyone else's on it is on my short list of preparation materials. It's festive, goofy and temporarily showcases those cherished faces until they're torn to tiny bits in a frenzy on Christmas morning. Trust me, they'll remember this detail once the allure of their new devices has faded.

Gift Wrap My Face's personalized wrapping paper is not just limited to the holidays. You'll find three Hanukkah, 14 Christmas, and three Thanksgiving patterns to slap a photo on, but there are lots of other, non-holiday patterns too, so you can feature your face or someone else's on paper to be used for other occasions. At $10 for a half-roll (24"x30") or $17 for a full roll (24"x60"), these personalized selections of gift wrap are a touch pricier than what you'll find in stores, but it's totally worth it for kids to see that Santa absolutely knows their face and thinks they're special. I would pay good money to be relieved of name tag duty on Christmas Eve Day, so this would be a wonderful investment in saving time. Also, I get a kick out of seeing an adult man's gigantic jughead on an elf's body, so I'll be sure to get a roll with my husband's face on it, too. I'll savor that little detail for myself on Christmas morning and suggest you do too. This is our boy below, by the way.

Creating your own paper is pretty easy. All you have to do use upload a photo and use the website's scissor tool to cut it down to size. It's a bit tricky and it took me a few attempts to get a good enough crop to properly showcase our boy's goofy photo face, the one pre-teen boys do when to avoid delighting their mother with a nice picture for once. Once I got it though, all it took was blowing it up a touch to fit the pattern and voila! Jacob the Christmas Elf is ready to be plastered all over his gifts.

Gift Wrap My Face also offers lots other personalized party decor that could turn the holidays into extremely family-centric events. I'm hoping I can get the rest of the family on board to purchase some pinatas, banners, stickers, and photo backdrops to turn this year's holidays into A Very Nesmith Christmas no one will forget. With any luck, the kids will have visions of Reindeer Dad dancing in their heads on Christmas night after I make a jolly banner of his face.

Production time is about three days and your order will be shipped via Standard Shipping, which is not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. However, if you select expedited shipping and place your order by Dec. 21, Gift Wrap My Face says you'll definitely have it in time — but think about all the wrapping you'd be saving until the last minute. Horrors! It's best to get on it and upload those photos now so you have time to order more should you need it. We always need more wrapping paper and I know it's a personal problem, but I know I'll need a head start if I'm going to follow through with this plan. There's still lots of time to nail the details, but you have to act quickly if you want family gift wrap this holiday season.