Adam Watches The Quints On His Own On 'OutDaughtered'

Raising quintuplets is a team effort. That's a lesson Danielle and Adam Busby have learned firsthand, and they prove it every week on OutDaughtered. So what happens when one of them has to do it alone? This exclusive OutDaughtered clip shows just how daunting the prospect of taking care of five toddlers (plus older daughter Blayke) can be.

OutDaughtered airs every Tuesday on TLC. In Episode 5, Danielle has to go out of town for a work conference, leaving Adam to take care of all the kids by himself for an entire weekend. It will be the first time either of them has watched the girls on their own for longer than a day. Simply maintaining the status quo would be impressive in a situation like that, but Adam has bigger plans for the weekend.

The clip begins with Danielle expressing some serious doubt. While cleaning up the playroom, she asks Adam, "In all honesty, how do you really think you're gonna do this weekend by yourself?" Adam protests that he's taken charge with the kids before. The only difference is that he hasn't done it for two days consecutively. But that's not a small change. There are much better odds for two against six than one.

Danielle mentions that the girls are "tough right now," but Adam is well aware of that fact. He does live in the same house with them, after all. In a confessional, Danielle explains that it's not that doesn't have faith in Adam. She knows he can do it. "But watching the quints for an extended period of time comes with literally, like, its own encyclopedia with so many details amongst anything and everything you do," she says.

Adam picks up on Danielle's nerves, though he doesn't share them. He's confident about his ability to handle this even if his wife is experiencing more mixed emotions. She doesn't think Adam really knows what the reality of the situation will be like, so while she's excited to go away, she also knows exactly how hard day to day life in the house can be. It's different when Adam arrives home from work: he gets to do the "easy stuff," in Danielle's opinion, like play with the girls and feed them. He doesn't have to deal with the stress of the quints being all over the house causing a ruckus every minute of the day.

Adam is slightly hurt by Danielle's uncertainty. He's not running into this obliviously; he knows that taking care of the kids on his own is a challenge, but it's one he's ready to face. However, his conversation with Danielle is interrupted by some very sleepy girls who should be taking a nap. Instead, they have instead crawled out of their cribs and begun to bang on the walls like poltergeists.

Escaping from their cribs has been an ongoing problem for the Busby girls. Adam believes it's solvable by giving them big girl beds (which two of them did receive in a previous episode) but Danielle is still resistant because it represents a loss of control for her. That's where Adam's big plans for the weekend kick in: he thinks he's going to be able to smoothly transition the rest of the quints to their new beds in the time Danielle is away. Adam believes the first night will be the biggest hurdle, but after that there will be nothing to worry about. Oh, Adam, you sweet summer child.

It remains to be seen how Adam's master plan will work out, but experience dictates that it might end up going awry. No matter what happens, Danielle's weekend away is bound to be an eventful one for the whole family.