OMG, Look At This 1,477-Piece LEGO Gingerbread House & Tiny Adorable Gingerbread Fam

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There are few things more fun than putting together an intricate LEGO set, but a holiday-themed one? It's the ultimate way to enjoy some hot chocolate with your family, and LEGO has tons of sets to make those memories. This one in particular, the new LEGO Gingerbread House, is really going to put the holly in your jolly. You guys, wait until you see this thing. Add it to your winter bucket list right now, OK?

The 1,477-piece set is full of adorable details like a frosted roof and candy buttons, which makes it perfect as a holiday project-turned-decoration or as a gift for a fellow LEGO enthusiast. If your child is new to LEGOs or needs some extra help, not to worry, the set includes smaller kid-friendly builds too, so everyone can take part in the building. This adorable gingerbread house is not only a building set, it's also an interactive doll house for kids to enjoy creative imaginary play for hours on end.

This extraordinary LEGO set retails for $99 and will be available to buy starting Sept. 18 for LEGO VIP members only and Oct. 1 for the general public. If you're thinking about putting this set under the tree this year, you won't be sorry. There are tons of interactive features in this fun and festive set. The gingerbread house features an array of details and candy-style furnishings, and your child can interact with the adorable gingerbread man and woman as well as their sweet little gingerbread baby. Yes, a gingerbread baby. The baby even comes with a little stroller, a bottle, and a rocking horse allowing for unlimited possibilities for creative playtime. But the feature I think I like the most is the fireplace. This cute little house actually features a "working" fireplace where you can press down on the chimney button to set the fire aglow. How cool is that? (Also imagine an actual gingerbread house with a fireplace, I bet it smells so toasty and delicious.)

Since LEGO first launched its most famous creation, the LEGO Automatic Binding Brick in 1949, the world famous toy company has manufactured countless building sets covering everything from fantasy to pop culture and even robotics. A decade ago, LEGO launched their first holiday-themed building set in their Creator Expert Winter Village line, and every year since they have brought on the holiday cheer with new additions to the quaint little holiday village.

But this winter set isn't the first new creative set LEGO released in 2019. In addition to the gingerbread house, LEGO has launched a Friends-themed LEGO set featuring all your favorite characters from the hit television sitcom at their favorite hang out, Central Perk. And because LEGO is well-known for its cult favorites, Star Wars fans are probably super stoked for this Droid Commander booster set featuring three favorite droids. It may just be the perfect gift this year.

LEGO always has something for everyone — the expert builders and the beginners alike — making these sets great gifts this holiday season. Be sure to check out their super adorable holiday line-up for special gifts that the whole family can enjoy.

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