This Mom's Response To A Stranger Telling Her To 'Dress Like A Mom' Is Perfection

Let's be honest. At some point in time, you've probably made a snap-judgement about someone based on their appearance. That rough-looking dude with tattoos? Yikes. Better stay away from him. The chick with facial piercings and rainbow hair? Obviously, she's an attention-seeker. And the judgement doesn't stop once a person becomes a parent; actually, we tend to judge others even more harshly because they're parents. Because apparently, once a person has procreated, they should automatically fit some cookie-cutter mold in the way they dress and present themselves. Newsflash: That's not how any of this works. In fact, this mom's response to a stranger telling her to "dress like a mom" should be required reading.

The Daily Mail reported that mom of four, Stevie Niki — the Australian blogger behind "My Tribe of Six" — shared a thought-provoking message on Instagram after she was criticized for the way she dresses. "The other day someone said to me that I don't dress like a mum and I shouldn't wear what I do. There was even a comment about my clothing not being age appropriate. I was wearing this outfit," Niki wrote, alongside a photo of herself — wearing a black, tulle-trimmed unicorn T-shirt and ripped jeans — while holding one of her young children. "Umm what.. excuse me? The 1950s just telegrammed and they want their out dated views back."

Editor’s Note: The Instagram post has since been deleted.

The on-fire mama continued with her takedown, writing:

Did the government roll out and distribute a mum uniform and I missed the memo? Did they assign people to enforce and police such dress codes? Shall I go buy an apron too? Since when do I have to dress according to someone else's likes and dislikes?

Niki shared that she plans on rocking her style as long as she well pleases — so the naysayers can essentially shove it. "So you can take your 'age appropriate' dribble back a few decades. What I choose to look like or wear does not change who I am within," she wrote. "My appearance does not impact my personality. Who I am on the outside does not define who I am on the inside. Your opinions, views and sense of style only reflects you and not anyone else." So this. She's going to be one fierce, rainbow-haired granny, that's for sure. Niki continued:

Editor’s Note: The Instagram post has since been deleted.

Good and kind people can have tats, mums can have piercings, caring people can ride motorbikes and wear a patch, poor people can be generous beyond their means and quiet people can be loud. Asthetically pleasing people can be mean, fit looking people can feel insecure, wealthy people can be rude and crass, happy people can be in pain and friendly people can do evil things. Enough with the stereotypes. There's nothing worse or more ignorant.

Hoards of women and fellow mothers took to Instagram to support this basa** mama, Scary Mommy reported.

One follower commented, "You look amazing! F%$k the haters! My nana was still wearing G-bangers and shopping at sportsgirl in her late 70's! She killed it! Always looked amazeballs!"

Another supportive commenter chimed in with, "Well said Stevie! I dress according to my mood, the fact that I've had kids doesn't enter my brain?! I've given my life to them so if I want to wear ripped jeans and a green day t shirt I bloody will. Love this post."

Yet another Instagram user had similar plans, writing, "I intend to wear jeans and cutoffs (ripped or otherwise) and rock n roll t-shirts until I can't dress myself - and if ever I am a grandmother I intend to be a groovy one. Women of any age should be able to wear whatever they feel good in."

One person in particular seemed to be pretty into the idea of a required mom uniform: "Omgosh how good would a government issue uniform be???!," they joked. "Provided they wash, iron and fold it for us too." LOL.

Seriously though, the mom shaming needs to stop. And so does this whole idea that women should stop doing certain things after a certain age. This article — titled, "50 Items No Woman Over 40 Should Own" by BestLife — really pisses me off, for example. ("Torn denim" is number 44, by the way.) You know what? F*** that.

Age is just a number. My 30th birthday is just around the corner, and I'm currently rocking purple hair, seven piercings in my left ear (three in my right,) and a brand new eyebrow piercing. And you know what? I have no plans of changing any of this. Just because I have three kids and I'm of a certain age, doesn't change who I am has a person. And it's not going to change how I choose to present myself. So anyone who thinks I should "dress like a mom" can move right along.