Sonja Flemming/CBS

Tyler Used The Veto On 'Big Brother' & Swaggy Could Go Home

It's the oldest game in the Big Brother book and one that's played more times each season than the average super fan can count. When a head of household backdoors another player, it's usually not so much personal as it is the best for their particular game. That's what happened when Tyler and Kaitlin's backdoor plan on Big Brother Wednesday night put Swaggy in danger.

In true Kaitlyn fashion, it wasn't meant to be malicious or as a personal attack of some kind, but she said at the start of her HOH reign that she was planning to make big, bold moves. I'd call backdooring Swaggy a pretty baller move to say the least. Now, what that means for her own game moving forward remains to be seen, but Swaggy definitely did not see that coming.

In fact, half of the house was convinced that Kaitlyn was going to put Angela on the block, while the other half knew that she was actually considering putting Swaggy up in Scottie's place. Because of Swaggy's place in the house and his general power over his alliance, aka half of the house, Kaitlyn took it upon herself to use her status as the HOH to try and take out a powerful competitor.

What someone probably should have told Kaitlyn was that targeting Swaggy as her backdoor nominee for eviction can only have negative repercussions on her even if he isn't voted out. She might have some houseguests backing her up on the decision to backdoor Swaggy, but he also has a pretty solid alliance who would all be more than happy to target Kaitlyn the next chance they get.

Kaitlyn had a few reasons for putting Swaggy on the block, a la your classic Big Brother backdoor method. "I'm doing this for the part of me that always thought I couldn't stick up for my truth," she said at the end of Wednesday's episode. "And in this moment, I'm doing exactly that... I'm really proud of myself for sticking up for me." She also said that getting Swaggy out of the house would also mean getting him out of her head and out of her game.

Kaitlyn has been talking about making big moves as the second HOH of the season and sure enough, she succeeded in pulling off the first backdoor too. I don't know if I should admire her or just worry for her safety as a houseguest now, because whether or not Swaggy actually leaves, Kaitlyn is going to have a new set of enemies to contend with in some of her fellow houseguests.

In Kaitlyn's eyes, Swaggy is a strong competitor who has been running part of the Big Brother house, but besides being super loud in the Diary Room and talking about himself in the third person, Swaggy hasn't really done anything bad to any of the other houseguests. "Coming to Big Brother, I knew at any given time I could go," Swaggy said in his last Diary Room of the episode after the veto ceremony. He added that because of his new place up on the block after the total blindside, he's going to "make everybody's life a living hell."

Even though Kaitlyn and Tyler's big backdoor plan went into effect and is officially in motion, there's still the chance that Swaggy won't be voted out of the house. If he can get the numbers and rally enough houseguests to vote Winston out instead of himself, then he'll be able to stay in the house to fight another day. And if that happens, then Kaitlyn's future on Big Brother could be cut short.