Walgreens Has A New Baby Gift Line & Everything Is $15 Or Less

Everyone's been there, heading out to meet someone with a new baby for the first time, and remembering you need to stop and pick up a gift. Baby stores can be out of the way, and Target can be a time suck, but fortunately, Walgreens is getting into the baby gift game, and the collection is totally adorable.

Bless Walgreens. The store that dutifully sells batteries to anxious parents on Christmas Day while also selling the beer and Advil they'll want later is now coming in clutch for forgetful friends and family members all over the United States. The new Moon and Stars collection will have everything from plush gift sets to rattles and bibs and booties. There are also plush animals with satin-trimmed blankets and hooded towels with matching slippers.

The line will run from $5 to $15, so nothing is high enough to break your budget. The gifts are as precious as they come, and nothing looks like you just bought it at the same place you pick up your Nyquil and deodorant.

Currently, the line is only available in-stores, but some pictures of the products are already available online. My favorite bit of the collection so far is the letterboard. In a soft dove gray, this letterboard could be quickly adapted to the giftee, with the name and birth weight of the baby, or a funny anecdote. It's a popular trend, but in this color, it feels fresh.

There are also some really sweet bootie and bib sets featuring sweet animals in soft, happy colors. Who doesn't love a giraffe?

And totally obsessed with this night light.

The line also includes packaging that states the items inside are no-toxic, lead-free, and phthalate-free. There are also silicone non-slip grips on the eating sets and anti-slip grips on socks, and many of the toys include different fabrics and textures to encourage sensory play.

This line is also great for parents who are traveling and whose luggage gets lost somewhere in transit. You want to get your baby some new bibs, maybe a blanket, but you're stuck in the airport. The options aren't great, but they do have a Walgreens. You can grab some new bottles, a few new bibs, and a new rattle to keep your child happy for the unholy amount of time it takes the airline to figure out that "oops," it turns out your luggage was on the cart this whole time. (I speak from experience. I am now the master of the carry-on.)

Walgreens has already been coming up hard with their skincare choices and healthy food options, so it makes sense that they would want to offer quality baby gift choices in their stores as well. After all, most of us shop there more regularly than many other places, and this gives Walgreens a new revenue opportunity while also streamlining our days. It's a win all around. Now, if I could just remember to pick up my Ambien prescription before I run out, that would be great.