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Chrissy Teigen Is Officially Launching A Recipe Website That's "A Labor Of LOVE"

by Brianna Wiest

When you ponder what it is you could most deeply desire this holiday season, perhaps your mind wanders to your Amazon wish list, or that one gadget that always suspiciously ends up on your Instagram ads algorithm though you swear you've never so much as typed it in a search engine. Then you are sometimes presented with something so great, your feeble mind could not have conceived of it prior. If you've heard some news about Chrissy Teigen launching a "Cravings" website, get your wishlists ready because it's slated to be ready-to-shop-on just in time for the holidays. Although it's not here quite yet, I'm already confident that her amazing food will be the gift that keeps on giving.

For those who aren't stans of Teigen, the model has made her mark in the culinary worldand the aisles of Target, it turns out — for her cookbooks and associated cookware. The recipes are those Teigen makes at home, inspired by what she grew up learning from her Thai mother, known as "Pepper" on Instagram. Though having a hard copy on hand to flip through the pages and reference as you cook with a glass of wine and candle burning at the end of a long day is certainly a peak experience, Teigen is giving us even more access to her ingenious skills — through the launch of her long-awaited website, which accompanies the previously published books.

It sounds like Teigen will be launching the site in time for Christmas, according to Delish, which likely means that she'll be including a number of holiday-themed recipes. (Yes, please.)

Though she's been quiet about most details, Teigen did share some behind-the-scenes photos of herself, husband John Legend, and daughter Luna posing near many dishes of impeccably styled food. The reason? A promotional shoot for the site, of course.

Through the photos she uploaded to the 'gram, a few more details about the site were revealed. "Working on the most epic holiday table to launch my site with! Didn’t want it to just look like a bunch of photoshopped dishes of the past so the team made and plated every single one (over 40!!) and you’ll have the ability to drag and create the menu of your dreams!!" Teigen captioned a photo of herself laying on the floor in front of plates of food, holding Luna. "A labor of LOVE but you guys are worth it!!!"

She followed up with another photo of herself, Luna and Legend, but this time, simply added the hashtags: "#CRAVINGS," and "#COMINGSOON."

Earlier this year, Teigen shared on Twitter that the she wants want to "fill [the site] with recipes," and asked her followers for suggestions. And while speaking at an event with friend and hair mogul Jen Atkin over the summer, Teigen also revealed that she is working on a third cookbook as well. Noting that the writing process is "dreadful," particularly throughout all of the testing and re-testing the recipes, she seemed excited to share that another book is, indeed, in the works. It's yet to be seen if the launch of this book will coincide with the website, but it's certainly not out of the question.

All that's known for sure right know is that the end of the year is coming, and so is some Chrissy-approved cooking inspo.