Sonja Flemming/CBS
The Hive Will Face Off In The Jury Battle Back On 'Big Brother'

by Zakiya Jamal

Last Thursday, host Julie Chen confirmed what many fans suspected. There will be a jury battle back this Thursday, allowing one member of the jury to return to the game and continue on for the chance to win $500,000. So who will win the jury battle back on Big Brother? Well, it will definitely be a member of The Hive since they are all in, or most likely going to, jury this week.

If you're unaware, a jury battle back is exactly what it sounds like. The first four members of jury will participate in some kind of competition to win their way back into the house. Those competing are Bayleigh, Rockstar, Scottie, and whoever is evicted this week. Presumably, it will be Faysal who leaves this week since he and Haleigh are sitting on the block together, but it's also possible that Haleigh is the one sent out the door. Either way, all four of the jurors competing to come back to the house were a part of The Hive so they will all be competing against allies, and whoever does win their way back into the house most likely will not stay long. They would have to win head-of-household to ensure their safety or win the power of veto since they would definitely be nominated for eviction again.

For now, below are the competitors, or potential competitors, in the jury battle back and their odds for getting back into the house.


Bayleigh was the first person sent to jury after she made the mistake of telling Rachel about her power app the week before. Unfortunately, Bayleigh has only won one competition so she is not exactly a comp beast, which means her odds of winning her way back into the house are not that high. Then again, you never know. Depending on what the competition is Bayleigh may end up surprising fans.


Unfortunately, Rockstar is the least likely to win her way back into the house. Not only has she never won a competition, but the reason she was evicted was because she helped Tyler win the OTEV competition. If Rockstar somehow won her way back into the house it would be very surprising, but out of everyone she would probably have the best chance of actually sticking around. Rockstar has never really been a threat to anyone's game and with the game coming down to the wire Level 6 may decide to take a shot at JC or Sam instead, letting Rockstar stay in the house a little while longer.


Depending on who joins jury after him, right now Scottie has the best chance at returning to the house. He has won a few comps and has come close to winning even more. Knowing how badly Scottie will want this win there is no doubt that he will do everything in his power to win, and honestly, if anyone deserves to be back in the house it is Scottie. He was betrayed by his own ally simply because of jealousy and that was a terrible reason to be evicted. Hopefully he wins it.

Faysal (Fessy)

Although he has not been a evicted yet it is pretty likely that Fessy will be sent to the jury house on Thursday. Lucky for him he is probably the most capable of winning a competition out of all the jurors so he will most likely return right back to the house. Then again, this is Big Brother so it is best to expect the unexpected.


If Fessy does not go out this week, then it will be Haleigh heading to jury. Unfortunately, besides her HOH win, Haleigh has not been the best at competitions. If Haleigh is the fourth juror it is most likely that Scottie will win the battle back and return to the house.

No matter who wins the jury battle back it should be interesting to see how the houseguests react to someone returning to the game. Presumably, they will be unconcerned since Level 6 and their allies still have the numbers to send whoever they want out, but you never know. With a returned houseguest they may decide to change tactics and target someone else. However it plays out, Thursday night should definitely be interesting.