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Becca Left Her Date With Colton At A *Very* Awkward Moment

Now that Becca's down to her final six, every second with contestants counts. During his one-on-one on Monday night, Colton revealed that he is a virgin. And Becca briefly left him alone. Why did Becca leave the table when Colton told her he is a virgin on The Bachelorette? Twitter fans were as surprised as she was by the reveal, but ultimately were supportive of Colton — and thought the show was making this way too big a deal.

From the start of Monday's episode, fans could tell that this was going to be an interesting one — and not just because everyone is in the Bahamas. Because hometowns are next week, that means two guys are going home this week. With three one-on-one dates, half the guys get a chance to get the most time with Becca. Colton received the first one-on-one, and as soon as he and Becca exited the room the other men began gossiping.

Garrett, Wills and the other men wondered whether Colton would tell Becca his "secret": that he's a virgin. Apparently, the other men in the house knew, but Becca had no idea. Of course, during the first half of this date, Colton and Becca were subjected to a lot of innuendo about conch shells. If it was as awkward for them as it was for me, then it was pretty heckin' awkward.

But the dinner portion of the date is when it got real. Colton said that he had something to tell Becca and he wasn't sure if it would be a "roadblock." Then he began talking about how, when he was younger, he put his professional football career before his personal life. Due to this, and due to the fact that he's only had one serious relationship in his life, he is a virgin.

Becca was so clearly shocked, that she left the table. Fans immediately went to Twitter to voice their feelings — about Colton's reveal, about Becca's reaction, about everything.

Thankfully, Becca didn't send Colton home for being a virgin — that would be so uncool. Rather, she came back, and told Colton she understood that this was tough for him to talk about it. She also said she's excited to meet his family and friends and go to his hometown — and gave him a rose.

The other famous virgin of The Bachelor franchise was, of course, Ashley Iaconetti, who first went on Chris Soules's Bachelor season and revealed just what Colton did on Monday night. Ashley has remained a virgin through The Bachelor and her stints on Bachelor in Paradise. Now, Ashley is engaged to former Paradise co-star Jared Haibon, but he has refused to answer questions about their sex life.

"I’m not answering that," Jared said on the Help! I Suck at Dating podcast, hosted by yet another Bachelor alum Dean Unglert. Jared continued, "You should know better than that. Obviously that’s been a topic over the last few years for Ashley, so I’m not really talking about that." So while there are rumors that Ashley is no longer a virgin, they really haven't spoken about it, and honestly? It's not of our business.

Back to Colton, though. Due to Ashley's rumored sex life, I suppose the franchise needs another token virgin, and now there is Colton. Thankfully, most fans seem to respect him and his decision. He's going to hometowns, which means he's one step closer to the fantasy suites. Whether he gets there, and what will happen between him and Becca, is as of now unknown (and again, not fans's business). For now, though, I'm glad Becca didn't judge Colton on his choices, and I'm excited to see his hometown date next week.