Craig Sjodin/ABC

Becca Said Goodbye To Leo On 'The Bachelorette'

by Anna Rose Iovine

Well, as The Bachelorette approaches hometowns, Becca needs to make some tough decisions. On Monday night, Becca eliminated Leo. Why does Leo go home on The Bachelorette? He made it to the top six, but Becca won't be meeting his family next week.

Becca and Leo just had their first one-on-one date in Richmond last week, but this time around she decided she wasn't as "far along" with her relationship with Leo as she does with the other contestants. Becca revealed in a confessional that she didn't see a future with Leo. Oddly, the audience didn't see the elimination exactly happen — just Becca walking on the beach alone and Leo being seemingly left behind on the beach (don't worry, I'm sure producers picked him up later).

Earlier in the week, Becca went on three one-on-one dates: with Colton, Garrett, and Blake. She gave roses to all three, meaning she only had one rose left, but three remaining men. So, she had a "three-on-one" date with Leo, Jason, and Wills. While on the beach in the Bahamas, she took time to talk to the three of them individually. During Leo's time, though, she revealed how she really felt: that she didn't feel as strongly for him as she did for some of the others.

So, there unfortunately will not be a Leo hometown date. Nonetheless, next week is sure to be interesting with the hometown dates that will happen. With Becca visiting Colton's, Garrett's, and Blake's families, hopefully Becca will know a clear winner from then. The week after that is, of course, fantasy suite dates. Seeing as Colton revealed that he's a virgin, and has previously dating fellow Bachelor contestant Tia, there's sure to be drama if he's still around. And let's be honest, the fantasy suites are always exciting, so Bachelor Nation is definitely looking forward to it.

This season of The Bachelorette is moving so rapidly. The season finale will probably be August 5 or 6, which means Becca has only so much time to choose a winner. What about Leo, though? Well, fans know for sure that Bachelor in Paradise starts August 7, so besides the fact that it will be a delightful mess, there are rumors about who will be involved.

Already, several guys from Becca's season are cast on Paradise: David, Jordan, Chris, Conner, Nick, John, and Joe (the Grocer, who was eliminated during the premiere). That's a ton of men, but that's how Paradise works. The premiere has a set cast, and then people both leave and arrive to the Mexican resort. So, even if Leo isn't on the Paradise premiere, there's a chance that he'll go on the set later on in the season.

ABC hasn't officially announced it, but there's a decent chance he'll be on the show. He was such a character on Becca's season (he had the best one-liners), so I'm sure he'll bring that personality to Paradise. I can already envision the commentary in his confessionals. While Leo no longer has a chance with Becca, he thankfully has another chance at finding love on television, and isn't that what we all want?

Becca had a lot of hard goodbyes over the course of the season, but the ones she made this episode were the most difficult thus far. After Leo, Becca said goodbye to Wills, who was another fan favorite during the season. Now that only four men remain, there are no easy eliminations from here on out. Even though Leo will be absent from fans's screens for the next few weeks, that'll soon change with Paradise.