Paul Hebert/ABC

Blake Could Be The Man To Win Becca's Heart

by Anna Rose Iovine

Now that Becca's down to the final four, Bachelor Nation can't help but wonder who will be the last one standing: Blake, Colton, Garrett, or Jason. Will Blake win on The Bachelorette? He's certainly a fan favorite, and Becca is very into him — so it's possible.

From their second one-on-one date, it seems like Becca is very much falling for Blake (as are we all). During the episode in the Bahamas, Becca revealed just how into Blake she is. She said she could see Blake being her husband, and after he told her he's in love with her, she said in a confessional that she feels the same way (though she was savvy enough not to say it to his face).

An interesting — and ironic detail, considering how Becca ended up The Bachelorette in the first place — is that Becca falls in love with two men this season. "I did develop really strong feelings for a couple of them and I did fall for two guys at the end, yes," she said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "I wanted to go through the entire season doing me, and treating these guys with respect. So I will say that I tried to do that the entire journey."

Since she basically admitted as much in her confessional, it would appear that Blake is one of the two lucky men that Becca fell for during her Bachelorette journey. So it's fully possible that he wins in the end.

Blake has been pretty drama-free this season so far, which is unusual in Bachelor Nation. While he hasn't taken any issue with Becca or the other men — besides general anxiety over other people falling for her, which makes sense — he did open up about his family drama on their second one-on-one.

Blake's parents are divorced, and during that date he explained why: his mother started seeing his English teacher while she was still married to Blake's father. What's more, his family didn't really tell him what was going on. He heard about his own family's dirty laundry through rumors at school. This is tragic stuff, but Blake has gotten through it. I'm not sure what his relationship with his family is like, but the audience will certainly find out during his hometown date.

I'm going to be real with everyone: it would be a great thing that Blake doesn't win. Why? Because that means Blake could be the Bachelor. There's always a possibility that there will be a wildcard Bachelor pick like Arie or Nick Viall from the season before, but I'm hoping that if Blake doesn't win Becca's heart in the end that at least he has a chance with a whole new group of women.

Apparently last year Rachel Lindsay's runner-up, Peter Kraus, turned down The Bachelor because he wasn't ready. That makes complete sense, because this show seems like a whirlwind. Considering how much fans love Blake, I think producers would be silly not to offer him the role if he doesn't win the season. If they do, and he accepts, it may end up my favorite Bachelor season ever.