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5 Signs Your Baby Is Going To Be Tall

It would be so nice if moms could magically tell exactly what their babies will be like as they get older. It's impossible not to be curious about everything from their personality, to their intelligence, to their size. For the most part, parents have to wait and see, but they can also make some educated guesses. If you're wondering about your baby's height, for example, there are some signs your baby is going to be tall that you can watch out for. (Of course, none of them are foolproof and only time will tell.)

I can definitely speak to this being a total crapshoot. As the product of a 5'2" mother and a 6'2" father, my height genes apparently came from my mom, as I share her short stature. I've spent a lot of money in my lifetime having clothes hemmed to my tiny frame. Then again, if it had gone the other way I'd be complaining about all the pants that didn't quite reach my ankle. Such is life, right?

Here are a few signs that your baby could grown up to be tall, though obviously they'll be just perfect no matter where they fall on the growth chart.


They Were Born Long

A baby who's born long is likely to stay that way, according to Baby Center. It's not a definite, but it does increase the chances they'll be a tall adult.


They're A Tall Toddler

No matter how big they are at birth, if they're tall in their toddler years, there's a good chance they always will be. The Mayo Clinic outlined a couple basic formulas for estimating a child's adult height, one of which involves doubling their height at two years old (for a boy), or at 18 months (for a girl).


They Are A Boy

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If you have a boy, you're already more likely to be shopping in the tall section. Babble noted that the average male grows up to be five inches taller than the average female.


You and Your Partner Are Tall

You and your partner's heights play a role in how tall your child will be. Healthy Children noted that you can estimate your child's height by adding together the parents' heights, dividing by two, and either adding (for a boy) or subtracting (for a girl) two and a half inches to that number.


They Get Good Nutrition

No matter what sort of genes they might inherit, your baby isn't going to reach their full height without getting proper nutrition. What to Expect says eating enough in the first 1,000 days of life is crucial to good growth.