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11 Super Sweet Baby Footprint Tattoo Ideas

Keep their first steps forever.

There’s something mesmerizing about baby feet. So tiny and intricate, looking at them and holding those soft little tootsies is something many parents can become obsessed with. But babies grow up before our eyes and pretty soon those tiny toes are gone. So it is any wonder baby footprint tattoo ideas for moms are popular?

How best can a mom accomplish a great baby footprint tattoo? That is the question. First, there’s the difficult decision of where you want those feet to live on your body for all eternity. Popular spots are the foot itself, the upper back, and for some moms, the belly as a memory of all those months baby and birth parent were one.

Next you have to figure out what size to make the footprint. For many tattoo fans, this means using the real life size of a baby’s foot. That’s great as you’ll always to be able to remember how small they once were, but another option worth considering is sizing down to make the tattoo more private and personal. This can be achieved by taking your child’s footprint then having it resized on a computer before going into the tattoo studio. Either way, you’ll always have a lasting memory of your child’s most tender age with these baby footprint tattoo ideas for moms.


Tattoo Both Feet

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Why stop at one foot? Why not do both side by side so you can almost imagine your baby standing on top of you just like they could when they were little?


All Your Children’s Footprints

If you plan on having more than one child, moms can carve out a spot on your body to include all of their babies’ footprints. You can include their names or birthdates with each to keep track of whose is whose.


Butterfly Baby Feet

Almost like a kindergarten craft turned into a tattoo, this baby footprint tattoo idea for moms involves having your tattoo artist turn your child’s two feet into a butterfly illustration making their feet the wings.


Baby Feet Tattoo with a Poem

Want a concept that’s one of the more truly unique baby footprint tattoo ideas for moms? Look to the poets to say the things you can’t. If you have a favorite poem, why not have it tattooed next to your baby’s footprints on your skin to remind you of your love?


Baby Footprint with Child’s Name

Including a child’s name, in this case first and middle, below a baby footprint tattoo is a lovely way to personalize the body art. You could also include a last name if you wanted to.


Name & Date Footprint Tattoo

Like the birthday option, another great idea for moms to personalize a baby’s footprint tattoo is to include their name and the baby’s date of birth over the top or underneath it.


Mini Wrist Footprint

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If you’re a mom who prefers your baby footprint tattoo be less conspicuous, you can shrink your child’s footprint and tuck it away as a little tattoo on your wrist.


Foot and Hand Tattoo

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Baby feet get all the attention, but their little starfish fingers are just as sweet. This example is on a dad, but it also makes a great baby footprint tattoo idea for moms as well. You can pair the two together in a tattoo that captures just how little they once were.


Pink or Blue Footprint Tattoo

You don’t have to go with black and white just because that’s the color footprints at the hospital come in. You could try blue for a boy or pink for a girl, or really any color.


Angel Wing Footprints

Another baby footprint tattoo idea for moms is a tattoo is to illustrate your baby’s footprints with angel wings around them to honor your little cherub.


Foot on Foot

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Carrying your children on your feet is something lots of parents do, especially when dancing. Moms can hold onto that moment by tattooing their footprint to the top of your feet.

Have your footprint tattoo idea in mind, Mom? Grab a sitter and an ice pack and go get their tiny tootsies printed onto your skin for life.