42 Creative & Timeless Breastfeeding Photoshoot Ideas

Capture these special moments while you can.

Many mothers will not fully appreciate how special breastfeeding feels until they actually start doing it. While nursing your baby can be painful, overwhelming, exhausting, and all-consuming, it is also a wonderful opportunity to bond with your little one. There is something unique and touching about looking down as your baby is being nourished by your own body. Time seems to stand still, even if briefly, as you deeply connect to your baby even when everything around you may be chaotic. This is just one reason why breastfeeding photoshoots are becoming more common.

There are so many beautiful breastfeeding photoshoot ideas out there that can inspire you to take your own (or have them taken professionally). You can do something styled that makes you feel like a model, or you can go for more of an intimate look that feels candid.

Whatever you choose, know that these will become photos you’ll keep and love forever that will remind you of when your baby was so small and vulnerable and you alone were making it possible for them to thrive. These breastfeeding photoshoot ideas capture different moods and meanings. Try any and all of them to capture this brief but meaningful moment in your family’s life.


A sweet kiss

This photo by @weareall_art is a really touching image because it feels so candid and authentic. The way the mother is kissing her baby is so sweet, and the way the baby’s eyes are closed while nursing is even sweeter. The laid-back clothing and comfortable pose makes this seem like an unplanned shot.


A “candid” moment from afar

With breastfeeding photoshoots, you can go one of two ways: you can opt for something that feels candid (and in some cases, it may actually be candid), or you can do something more styled that makes it obvious that you modeled for it. This one feels like someone just walked by the nursery, spotted the mom totally focused on nursing her child and kept a quiet distance so as not to intrude on the moment. It will feel familiar and sweet to any family members, and discreet, too.


A glamorous shot

Since you’re doing a photoshoot, it’s fun to go all out with the hair, makeup, and styling. This shoot, which is considerably more styled than a candid lifestyle shoot, is gorgeously done. An elaborate dress like this one is beautiful to capture on camera, and it’s nice that this puts focus on both the mother and the baby.


A happy moment

This photo is proof that you don’t need to buy a whole new outfit for your breastfeeding photos. Sometimes it just works when you’re wearing just your nursing bra, as you would as home. And don’t forget to smile: it really captures the happiness that can sometimes be involved with breastfeeding.


A mix of authenticity and styling

This beautiful shot shows a mother and child breastfeeding on a blanket in a field of flowers on a sunny day. It’s a great example of a mix of a lifestyle shot with a more styled shot — the mom probably isn’t going outside to breastfeed in an idyllic meadow everyday, but this shot still feels so authentic.


Emphasis on the baby

Emma Kim/Getty Images

If you’re feeling shy about the idea of a photo of your body while breastfeeding, then make the focus more on your baby rather than on you. Face the camera straight at the baby’s back, and bring it in close while keeping the angle low, around the same height as the baby. By cropping out the parent’s face and focusing on their arms cradling the nursing baby, there’s more of an emphasis on the purpose of this moment, and the baby’s body conceals much of the parent’s. Tiny baby hands are a sweet bonus.


A sunset beach shot

If you’re looking for breastfeeding photoshoot ideas that involve going outside of your home, this is a great idea: the beach at sunset. It’s a beautiful time of day and will only make your photos feel and look more special. It’s also a great idea to incorporate the rest of your family in the background like this — they’re clearly there, but they don’t take over the image at all.


A darker image

Bright lighting can obviously be beautiful, but don’t underestimate the power of a shadowed image. The dark quality of this photo really makes it seem like you’re getting a peek at an intimate and private moment, which, actually, you are.


An emphasis on mom

We love that this photo has a bold feel to it: the mom is looking straight at the camera and it comes off as confident and cool. This is a great breastfeeding photo idea if you want to show off how empowered and strong breastfeeding makes you feel.


A side-by-side pumping shot

Pumping can be a part of a breastfeeding journey as well, it just isn’t quite as photogenic. But this breastfeeding photo idea shows that it can be. It shows a mom nursing on one breast while simultaneously pumping with the other breast. Since she’s in her bed and looking right at the camera, it feels really raw and authentic.


A laying down shot

This photo feels like the perfect candid: everything is put together and styled beautifully, and the angle, from up above, is different. It’s intimate and sweet, and it’s an interesting option to be laying down rather than sitting or standing.


With a friend or partner

Because breastfeeding photos are often very personal, it’s a unique idea to include someone else besides you and your baby. This breastfeeding photoshoot idea is so fun: have your breastfeeding friend or partner be in the photo alongside you. It shows off the bond you have with them and your babies.


A different angle

This photo shows a mom and baby nursing at a little bit of a different angle than many of the other photos in this list. The side shot is an interesting photo that shows a different breastfeeding pose than the typical football hold. It’s a cute way to show off baby as well.


A more styled shot

The candid feel is great, but there’s nothing wrong with a clearly styled shoot either. This one is so beautiful, between the simple background, the green plant, the pose, and the happy, nursing baby.


A straightforward snap

This straightforward shot of a mom breastfeeding her baby in the first few weeks of the baby’s life is simple but still so beautiful. This raw image is authentic and feels like a private moment we’re allowed to see just briefly.


Sitting on a bed

When trying to think of locations for your breastfeeding photoshoot, try to imagine the places you do the most nursing. One of those is probably your bed. That’s exactly what makes it a great spot for your photos. This really helps to capture the intimacy of the moment.


A subtle message

At first glance, this is just a basic breastfeeding photo. But if you look closer, you can see a subtle message for equality on the baby’s onesie. This is such a cute way to make a statement, and the shared smile between mom and baby makes this photo even more special.


Two babes at once

Nursing twins? You obviously need to get them both in there! This breastfeeding photoshoot idea is such a cute way to show that you’re a super-mom nursing two kids... often at once.


A simple shot

Sometimes the best breastfeeding photos are the most simple ones, and this is a perfect example of that. A straightforward shot of just a mom nursing, this doesn’t include any fancy clothes, curated backdrops, or careful poses. It’s just a mom nursing, and it’s perfect.


An intimate capture

This “candid” shot is special and realistic. While there’s no right or wrong way to do breastfeeding photos, it’s kind of a nice idea to just be in your regular clothes rather than a fancy dress purchased just for the occasion. We love the angle here too.


A moody skin-to-skin moment

One of the benefits of breastfeeding is that it’s the perfect time for some quality skin-to-skin time. Allowing your baby to rest their naked skin on yours encourages warmth and bonding, and can make both mom and baby feel happy. This photo puts all of the emphasis on that.


An aerial view

The angle can, of course, make all the difference. This one from up above puts more of an emphasis on the nursing baby and is just a really cool perspective. We love the whole look of this one.


A snap with your partner

Breastfeeding might be a special bond between mom and baby, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include your partner in your photos as well. In the caption for this photo, the model explains that breastfeeding has taken an emotional and physical toll on her, and her partner has been there to support her the entire way. So, in a way, this photo is a sweet story that shows how it has affected all three of them.


A simple backdrop

For breastfeeding photoshoot ideas that look more styled, opting for a simple background is a great idea. Anything too busy will take away attention from the mom and baby, which isn’t really what you want. We love the idea of white in the background and some really gorgeous flowers as well. Matching the background isn’t a bad idea either.


A closeup of the little one

Put more focus on your little one by getting a closeup of their face as they’re nursing. This is such a sweet idea and makes the photo feel more personal. A great way to do this one is that “up above” angle.


An exhausted moment

Let’s be real: as special as it might be, breastfeeding is also exhausting. It’s fine to show the idyllic side of nursing in your breastfeeding photoshoot, but it’s authentic and raw to show the absolutely draining side as well. That’s what this photo, showing a mom nursing twins at once, does, and it really works.


Incorporating both kids

If you’re looking for breastfeeding photoshoot ideas that incorporate your nursing baby and your older child, this is such a perfect one to be inspired by. It’s so cute how both kids are in the same position, but one has outgrown breastfeeding and the other one is just beginning.


A full shot of baby’s face

In this breastfeeding photo, all of the focus is on the baby. The baby’s face is so adorable and sweet that you almost forget they’re breastfeeding! This is such a cute shot and it’s a great way to the bond that transpires between mom and baby while nursing.


A black and white

There’s something about the black and white photos that just feel a little bit different and more intimate, and this one i s no exception. This is such a simple pose, but the black and white really elevates it. Definitely consider asking for some black and white shots from your photographer.


A zoomed in look

This super close-up of a baby nursing puts all of the focus on baby and on the act of breastfeeding itself. While mom’s face isn’t in view here, this is still an incredibly intimate shot. One of the best things about it is the way baby is lovingly looking up at their mom as they feed.


A playful moment

The serious nursing photos are great, of course, but getting some playful moments in there as well is such a cute idea. This one feels so candid because it probably is. We love how the baby is playing with mom’s face while nursing because it’s such a realistic depiction.


A shared smile

This styled breastfeeding photoshoot idea is so beautiful, and one of the best things about it is the mom smiling down at her child. The flowing gown is a great outfit option, and the prop of baby’s breath on a small stool really makes the shot work.


On a bed

Skin-to-skin is one of those really special experiences that you can only have when your baby is really little, so getting to capture that on film along with breastfeeding is such a nice idea. This is a beautiful way to do it if you don’t want to show too much skin.


A closeup

A zoomed in shot of just your baby nursing is a great breastfeeding photoshoot idea because it really makes the focus clear. This is also a sweet point of view because it’s the one the mom has whenever she’s nursing.


A silhouette shot

The view of this mom sitting on the chair in her baby’s nursery is so striking in this breastfeeding photoshoot. It looks really beautiful with the light coming in from the window, and it kind of gives you the feeling of just spotting a sweet and intimate moment from the doorway rather than being a styled shoot.


In nature

Don’t be afraid to step outside the comfort of your home when taking your breastfeeding photos. This one, against the red rock and out in the dessert, is a stunning example of how well it works. Go somewhere that feels special to you for something extra sentimental.


A bathtub moment

Looking for the perfect spot for your breastfeeding photo? It might sound a little strange, but a bathtub might be your best bet. It’s cute and quirky, and it allows for the optimal lounge position. This one was clearly brought outside, and both mom and baby are styled in the sweetest way.


With your partner

Breastfeeding might be a bonding experience between mom and baby, but it’s not a bad idea to involve your partner in at least some of the photos as well. This is a special way to do it, with your partner looking over your shoulder as you both look at the baby.


A realistic shot

This shot feels so real: the mom’s hair in a bun, the fact that she’s just wearing pajamas and a nursing bra, the way she’s sitting by the window. Everything about it is so realistic, which is what makes it such a beautiful photo.


With plenty of natural light

Natural light can really be the best light for a photo, especially during golden hour. This gorgeous sunset shoot is made even prettier by all of the light shining on this mom and baby. The off-the-shoulder dress is also a great pick for a breastfeeding photoshoot.


By the water

Need some more nature-inspired breastfeeding photoshoot ideas? Check out this one. Sitting by the water, whether it’s the ocean or a lake, makes for a gorgeous natural backdrop. We love how this one feels both styled and candid at the same time.


An older child snap

It’s not unusual to see photos of moms breastfeeding infants, but it is out of the ordinary to see moms breastfeeding toddlers. This photo features a mom and her toddler, who looks to be at least 2- or 3-years-old, and it’s such a special moment to capture on film. You definitely shouldn’t be afraid to document your breastfeeding journey no matter what it looks like.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to breastfeeding photoshoot ideas. Whether you opt for something relaxed and candid or very styled and put together, you’re bound to get some pictures that you’ll cherish forever.