Carter's is offering "blowout insurance" for your baby's clothes.

Carter's Is Offering "Blowout Insurance" For Your Baby's Clothes

If your baby has ruined a favorite onesie lately, you need this.

Every parent remembers their baby’s first blowout. Maybe yours was in the car seat on the way to that first pediatrician appointment, or having a sweet, snuggly moment on the couch. Personally, my baby’s first blowout was in the delivery room, as I held him on my chest doing skin-to-skin — the initiation into motherhood just couldn’t wait, apparently. At least, I thought, he wasn’t wearing the cute Carter’s outfits I’d brought to the hospital yet.

And that’s kind of the worst part about blowouts, right? After you do the awkward holding-your-baby-out-in-mid-air shuffle to the changing station and get everything tidied up, you’re left with a tiny pile of pooped-on clothes you’re not sure you’ll ever get the stain out of. I’ve known a mom or two who have had to cut the clothes off their babies after a particularly bad blowout, so obviously there was no using them again.

Well, go-to baby clothing brand Carter’s is doing something about it, providing a little more coverage where diapers fail.

Starting today, Carter’s is launching their Blowout Insurance program. Between March 16 and April 9, the first 2,000 families to submit a claim to the Blowout Insurance portal will receive a $10 gift card to use toward future Carter’s in-store purchases or online orders, in memory of the onesie your baby destroyed with their last dirty diaper. So, if you’ve had to trash a favorite pajama set or beloved outfit lately, run — don’t walk — over to their online submission form.

To file your claim, you’ll just need to enter your name, contact info, and a brief description of the incident in question. Then, Carter’s “Oops Adjusters” will process your claim and send a gift card directly to your email address. And don’t worry: their policy is extremely flexible, also covering mishaps like spaghetti night spills, drooling disasters, and any other clothes-ruining situations you can think of.

And if you need to replace any of your baby’s wardrobe right away, you can shop by category (definitely check out those clearance and doorbuster sections) to find exactly what you need in no time. Now, instead of a moment of silence for all the good onesies you’ve lost, you can look ahead to new ones arriving on mail day.