Preemie baby clothes can be hard to find.
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These Cute Preemie Clothes Will Actually Fit Your Baby

Whether your baby is premature or just needs to grow into their newborn clothes, these preemie staples can keep them cute and clothed.

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When an infant is born early it often comes by total surprise, which means parents of premature babies may not have the right sized clothes for their newborns. If you have a preemie yourself (or just a very small infant) or you’re looking to give a gift the parents of an early baby will appreciate, you'll want a list of the best preemie clothes you can buy now. (Because chances are the baby clothes you picked out when you expected to go full-term all of a sudden look absolutely enormous.)

A premature birth is one that happens before week 37 of pregnancy (per the Mayo Clinic) and a baby is considered "low birth weight" when they are born under 5 pounds, 8 ounces — which obviously means not all low birth weight babies are preemies and vice versa. Most of the clothes on this list are designed to fit babies somewhere in the range of 5 to 7 pounds, though you will find some even smaller sizing for the littlest ones.

From everyday staples like onesies (you can never have enough) to heavier clothes like knit pants or even a preemie snowsuit (because you have to leave the house eventually), there's something on this list that you'll love.

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Magnetic Snaps

Ideal for those middle-of-the-night changes where you're not firing on all cylinders, this soft, easy onesie snaps closed using magnets. All sizes up to three months include mitten cuffs (so there are no sad scratches), and the preemie size is designed to fit a baby who's less than 5 pounds.


A Set Of Essentials

This set makes a lovely gift for someone who has a new preemie. The clothes are made of a buttery blend of organic cotton and bamboo viscose, and the kimono style is a popular choice for its relative ease (it means you don't have to wrangle the baby's fragile little head through a small opening).


A Pack Of Bodysuits

You can never have too many bodysuits. This everyday essential comes in a pack of five (which is good because you're going to go through a lot of outfit changes in those early days). They're made of cotton, and the preemie size fits up to 6 pounds.


Printed Onesies

How cute is this pack of cotton onesies? Preemie clothes can be a little blah, but these 100% cotton bodysuits come in fun patterns. Plus, the lap shoulders give a little stretch so these are easier to pull on and off.


A Funky Print

Taco about a cute print. I'll stop.... but this printed preemie onesie really is so fun and it comes in other patterns too, like pretzels or corgis if those are more your thing. The preemie size fits a baby up to 5 pounds.


A Soft Jacket

Parents of preemies will likely spend a lot of time at home (or in the NICU) during those early days, but sometimes there's no choice but to go out into the cold. For those days, baby will need a cozy jacket that fits; the preemie two size is designed to fit a baby between 3 and 5 pounds, and preemie three fits 5 to 8 pounds.


A Snowsuit

Baby snowsuits always look so comfy, and this preemie option is no exception. It's 100% cotton and designed to fit infants between 3 and 5 pounds (and there are the cutest little bear ears on the hood).


A Full Outfit

Who can resist a head-to-toe print? These footed pants, knotted hat, and wrap-style shirt (with ruffles) make a sweet statement, and I can already envision the photo opps.


A Cardigan

You can mix and match this sweater with so many outfits, and it buttons for easy on and off. It's designed to fit newborns up to 7 pounds and it's made of a cozy knit, plus it gives off major Mister Rogers vibes.


Knit Pants

Do these come in my size? The soft knit pants are like wearing a hug, plus the ribbed cuffs keep them from riding up. They're also available in pink and black, and the Gap Baby preemie size is designed to fit babies up to 7 pounds.

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