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These 31 Names For February Baby Names Are Lovely & Unique

Roses are red, violets are blue; your baby is cute, and these names are, too

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Choosing a name for your baby is no small task; the moniker you pick follows them around for life. A lot of parents like to find a baby name that is meaningful in some way, and if you're expecting a little valentine (or a Groundhog Day babe or just a winter sweetie), there are some really cute February baby names to consider. If you're not a fan of holidays, don't worry, there are still plenty of options that have nothing to do with Cupid.

February is famous for Valentine's Day, but there are also other great events that can help inspire your baby's name. Black History Month is observed in February and there is no shortage of amazing Black figures to name your baby after. If you have a more playful attitude, let a fun national or world-day in February influence your name choice, like World Nutella day on Feb. 5, Galentine's Day on Feb. 13, or National Drink Wine day on Feb. 18 (Rosé could totally be a baby name, right?).

There are also some fantastic traditional baby names that are inspired by the month of February. So, if you're feeling stuck, here are some great suggestions for your little love.



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In addition to being a cute name no matter when a baby is born, Violet is also one of the official flowers for the month of February. Naming your February baby Violet is a fun and subtle way to pay homage to your baby's birth month.



February's second flower is the primrose, which also happens to make for a really cute baby name. Primrose is the name of Katniss's little sister in the Hunger Games, so if you're a big fan of the series, it makes this name all the more fun. You can even go with Prim or Rose for nicknames.



If you love the idea of a Valentine's Day inspired-name for your baby, consider Amato, which means "loved." It also has Italian roots, so if you have any Italian ancestry, it's also a fun way to celebrate your heritage.



There is a prominent figure named Phil who has a very important job every February: to let us know how much more winter we have before spring finally arrives. Yes, Phil is the name of the famous groundhog who looks for his shadow on Feb. 2, and it's also a really cute baby name.



President's Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February each year. One of the reasons it's celebrated in February is because Abraham Lincoln's birthday was Feb. 12. So, if you're a big fan of Abe, naming your baby Lincoln is a sweet way to honor him and the month.



Back to Valentine's Day-inspired names — you can opt to name your little one Paris, which is considered to be the City of Love. It's another subtle nod to the holiday without being overly obvious. Plus, it's also a really great name in general.



In recognition of Black History Month, consider naming your little one after Maya Angelou. She was a fierce civil rights activist, author, and famous poet whose work continues to be admired today. If the name Maya doesn't fit your style, there are plenty of other Black figures to consider naming your baby after.



The name Aphrodite is a fun choice for parents who love Valentine's Day or Greek mythology because she was the Goddess of love. She ruled over love, procreation, and beauty, and was considered to be both desired and unattainable.



Sticking with the theme of love, no flower represents love quite like the rose. They're most commonly associated with love and romance, but were also once associated with confidentiality by ancient Romans. Symbolism aside, Rose is also just a pretty name any baby would be lucky to have.



Romeo is obviously one of the leading characters in the tragic Shakespearean romance Romeo and Juliet. For many, the name is synonymous with romance, which is a big theme in the month of February. Romeo also happens to be the name of one of Victoria and David Beckham's boys, and who doesn't want their baby to have a little celeb status?



For anyone who is really patriotic, you can name your baby George in honor of George Washington, the first president of the U.S. President's Day was originally established to honor him, with his birthday on Feb. 22, before it evolved into the broader recognition it is today.



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More into Roman mythology than Greek? Name your baby Venus after the Roman Goddess of love and beauty. It's another subtle call out to Valentine's Day as a February baby name.



Another Valentine's Day-inspired name to consider is Mabel, meaning "lovable" (which your February baby will absolutely be). This is a great choice for parents who want to name their baby something classic but uncommon because Mabel hasn't landed in the top 100 baby names since 1922.



In February of 1846, Thomas Edison was born, so your babe is in some good birthday-month company. You can honor the famous February-born inventor's memory by naming your baby Edison (or Thomas, of course). If nothing else, it's just a really cute name.



If you're wanting to name your baby something traditional, consider David which means "beloved" in Hebrew. Since February is the month of love, this seems like a very fitting name.



In 1960, Ruby Bridges made history when she was only 6 years old as the first Black student to attend William Frantz Elementary in Louisiana. She arrived at school with a police escort for protection, and her enrollment triggered integration in schools across the south.

All of this is to say, by sharing her name, your little one might follow in Ruby's fiercely brave footsteps. What a wonderful way to honor your baby being born during Black History Month.



Archer literally means "bowman," and who's a cuter bowman than Cupid? Naming your baby Archer is a sneaky way of showing Valentine's Day some love while still making sure your kiddo grows up with a fantastic name.



Babies born in February share a birthday month with legendary women's rights and civil rights activist, Susan B. Anthony. Babies born on February 15 will share their actual birthday with Susan, which seems like a very good reason to honor her memory.



Amethyst is the birthstone for the month of February, and while the stone itself is very pretty, Amethyst also happens to be a beautiful name for a baby. It's also a really unique name.



If you really, really love Valentine's Day, go ahead and lean into it by naming your February-baby, Valentine. It's a Latin name that means "strength" and "health," and while still uncommon, is beginning to rise in popularity.



In an ode to Bill Murray, the star of the cult classic Groundhog Day, consider naming your February baby Murray. It could be unisex, and it has a trendy, funky feel.



Cordelia is a gorgeous girl’s name that means “heart,” and is perfect for your little February babe. Delia is a super cute nickname with it, too.



Lacy is a classic that deserves a comeback, but it also has some Valentine’s Day feels that make you think of cute lacy doilies and Valentine’s Day cards.



In celebration of Black History Month, try the sweet baby name Rosa after Rosa Parks, an activist and civil rights icon. Rosa also means “rose,” so it has double meanings for February.



Lev is such a great one-syllable baby name, and it means “heart,” so it has all the February love vibes.



Robin is not just a lovely winter bird, it’s also a super cute name for your little girl. Robin gives all the winter day vibes, so try it out for your February baby.



February is often the month for winter sports and skiing, and Aspen is a great ode to that hobby and vibe. It’s also a perfect gender neutral name if you aren’t sure yet whether you’re having a boy or girl.



Don’t let it go. You know you love the name Elsa and all the ice queen vibes for your February baby.



Libi is such a darling name, and it means “my heart” in Hebrew, so it’s perfect for your little February love.



Another sweet little nod to hearts is the baby girl name Cora. Cora is attributed to several meanings, but “heart” is a popular one, along with “core.”



Pay homage to the red found all throughout February with the baby name Scarlett. It’s such a sweet one with a great vintage feel, and it also has a lot of fiery spunk.

Whether you want a name that’s just as sweet as Valentine’s Day or one that just holds all the meaning of a winter day in February, these February baby names are perfect.

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