These Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids Are Actually Funny

You might like these more than your child.

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Maybe your kid loves to bring the frights on Halloween, or maybe they prefer to embody their favorite character (expect a ton of little Peppa Pigs and Blueys this year). But if your kid wants a unique and clever Halloween costume, they’ll love to show off their sense of humor with these funny Halloween costumes for kids and toddlers (if you can get your 2-year-old on board).

I was always the kid who wanted to be something different for Halloween. One year I dressed as a recycling bag (and because this was the early ‘90s, I got a lot of questions about why I was trash) and another year I was a tired mom. There’s something that feels so good about getting a big laugh as you trick-or-treat, and these hilarious kids costumes will get some serious chuckles.

Here you’ll find a mix of inspiration photos and costumes you can buy: there’s everything from Jake from State Farm (who is especially great when paired with Flo from Progressive) to famous rock stars, and yes, even the poop emoji is represented (I’m sorry). Read on for kids’ Halloween costumes that will be met with laughter, and maybe an extra piece of candy.

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A classic aughts movie costume

If your kids are still young enough not to have a major opinion on their Halloween look, borrow this Mean Girls costume idea from Instagram user @marlene_hermiz. You can use clothes your older child already has in their closet and pair it with a burn book notebook; bonus points for making a trick-or-treat bag look like the burn book with some strategic collaging. The baby dressed as Damian makes this even funnier.


A DIY glow stick costume

You won’t need much more than a black sweat suit and some glow sticks to recreate this fun kids’ Halloween costume from Creative Green Living. It looks awesome when you’re trick-or-treating at night (plus you’ll always be able to spot your kid). This costume looks funny too if they dance or do a funny walk, it photographs well, and it’s fun for the whole family.


A punny “rat race” Halloween costume for kids

Who can resist a punny Halloween costume for kids, especially when it’s this easy to pull together? This “rat race” costume doesn’t require much more than some ears, whiskers, and printed out race numbers secured to their chest. You may have to explain what’s meant by a rat race, but kids will probably like the simplicity, and the fact that they get to race their friends.


Nesting dolls

This nesting doll costume is funny, clever, and unique. Perfect for stair-step kids, these little dolls (sometimes called Russian nesting dolls or Matryoshka dolls) look like the real-deal. Even if you only have one or two kids, you can still totally pull this off by turning their candy bags into smaller dolls (it would also be super cute to turn a baby carrier into a wooden doll).

These costumes are constructed entirely of felt. Tami O’Malley says in her blog post that she traced her daughters onto the felt first, then drew the doll shape around them with chalk. From there, you’ll just need a bit of imagination, and maybe a bit of sewing experience (unless you’re super handy with hot glue).


Dumb & Dumber family costume

A bright orange and powder blue tuxedo can only mean one thing: Lloyd and Harry from Dumb And Dumber. The details, like the chipped tooth and the spot-on hair, are what really bring this mom-and-me costume from A Beautiful Mess to life. If you’re wondering where’d you find a kids’ tux in this ridiculous color, then you’ll be happy to know that Amazon has you covered. If your kid wants to rock orange and be Lloyd (Jim Carrey’s character) then there’s this bright orange toddler suit, or a baby blue kids’ tux if they have the hair for Harry (Jeff Daniels).

You may just have to show your kid a few of the more PG scenes from the movie to get them on board with the look (or tell them they get to wield a cane).


Jake from State Farm costume

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there, and all your neighbors will get a laugh out of this Jake from State Farm costume. The polo is embroidered with the “State Farm” logo plus Jake’s name and it comes in a ton of sizes (the price shown is for a kids’ size medium).

If you’re looking for a hilarious sibling costume, a good counterpart to Jake is a Flo from Progressive Insurance costume. Progressive’s commercials have been especially funny this year (I love the ones telling new homeowners how not to become their parents), and if you’re really looking to dial up the humor, you could be Dr. Rick from those ads.


Abba kids costume

Kids dressed up as celebrities and pop icons is always a great choice, especially when it involves hilarious wigs. This duo is dressed as the Swedish music sensation, ABBA, and the disco cat dress has become synonymous with the female members of the bands in the ‘70s. You can buy the cat shirt on Abba’s website but it’s adult sizes so you may have to belt it. As for the amazing bell-bottom pants, you may be surprised at all the options for kids’ flared leggings.

Get your kids pumped for the costume by showing them some ABBA music videos; they’ll be dancing queens in no time.


Toast-in-a-toaster costume

It’s amazing how quickly the fun of trick-or-treating can turn into a meltdown about being “too tired to walk.” This costume assures your kid will be able to last all night, because it turns a wagon into part of the look (and your child into a piece of buttered toast).

The tutorial on Studio DIY has all the steps to make this costume a reality; you’ll need about three hours and a little creativity to make this toast and toaster costume happen but it’s definitely possible, and it even uses some things you may have around, like a ball and a wrapping paper roll for the toaster popper. The effort is worth it to avoid carrying your limp toddler home.


Poop emoji Halloween costume

Let’s face it, the poop emoji is always good for some LOLs regardless of your age. If your kids managed to get their hands on The Great Big Poop Party book, there’s a decent chance they’ll ask to be poo for Halloween, and you can do with that what you will (but don’t be a party pooper).

This costume suit is made from a polyester material with an elastic bottom that tightens around the legs. This is sure to get some laughs (and some groans) and if you’re crafty, this would be a pretty straightforward DIY project, you’ll just need some brown and white felt.


The Day The crayons Quit Halloween costume for siblings

Sure your kids could be crayons, and that’s super cute but not so hilarious. Something funnier and more original? Go as the characters from the children’s book, The Day The Crayons Quit.

Young parents, teachers, and caregivers will likely know exactly what this costume is, but even those who aren’t familiar with the book will still be tickled by the sight of a bunch of crayons on strike. The tutorial from The House That Lars Built shows how to make this simple and funny kids costume using kids PJs and homemade hats, and she also has tons of ideas for other kids’ book-inspired costumes including an If You Give A Mouse A Cookie costume, and one inspired by Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus.


Kids’ costume inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s art

This duo is dressed as artist Yayoi Kusama, who is known for her detailed and decorated stainless steel and bronze pumpkin sculptures, as well as her own funky personal style (and short red bob). You could makeover a kids wearable pumpkin costume using paint or felt, or if you’re into building, it’s even better to make your own. As for Kusama’s outfit, any kind of polka dot set will do the trick.

This costume will get smiles and laughs from those who know what it is, but above all it’s super clever and creative. Alicia of @alanandalicia has other funny and clever costumes, like this Andy Warhol family costume.


Toddler Elton John costume

I’m pretty sure everyone loves Elton John, and they won’t be able to resist a toddler or a kid dressed as the iconic rock star. The tutorial from The Safari Style shows you how to turn your child into a little tiny dancer, but basically you’ll need a faux suede jacket for kids, some iridescent leggings, plenty of feathers, and over the top sunglasses. (Etsy has a ton of cute and affordable bedazzled sunglasses for kids and you can find an affordable faux leather jacket for kids on Amazon that they’ll be psyched to wear again). This funny kids costume looks amazing on its own, but it’s also cute to have a group go as classic rock or pop stars like David Bowie, Cher, or Freddie Mercury.

Break up the freaky sights with one of these funny Halloween costumes that will get a laugh from adults and kids alike.

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