20 Nice Gifts For Tired Moms Who Don't Have The Energy To Make Another List

We already checked it twice.

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Ask any mom if she’s tired, and she’ll probably have to think for a minute. Yes? She thinks so, at least. She can’t remember what it’s like to feel any different, but she’s pretty sure the constant fuzziness and her occasional eye twitch are because she’s not getting enough shut-eye. Or does she need more water and a new contact prescription? One thing’s for sure: rarely is a mom more tired than during the holiday season, and while you can’t wrap up a nap, these gifts for exhausted moms come close.

Most parents are resigned to the fact that the newborn phase will be tiring. But the fatigue doesn't end there unless their kid is one of those mythical great sleepers. There’s teething, transitions to toddler beds, and even if her kids are out of the house, the empty nest mom is waking up with thoughts of her college kid existing on nothing but ramen and beer. To be tired on a soul level is to be a parent. And while it will take more than a cup (or three) of coffee, the gifts on this list will give her some much-needed rest and relaxation, or at least help her look like she slept.

From sleep drinks to actual getaways, eye masks, and aromatherapy, these gifts for moms who are exhausted all the time are just as good (well, almost) as eight hours under a weighted blanket.


A funky robe

Guys, if it’s from a museum gift store, it’s not a regular robe, it’s a cultured robe. Designed by Brooklyn-based designer Ellen Van Duse, this eye-catching and ultra-soft robe is made of 100% cotton terry. Art moms will appreciate that Frank Stella's paintings from the ‘60s inspired the color palette, and all the other moms will appreciate the little jolt of joy the cheerful, bright stripes bring to dark winter mornings.


A slipper that can go outside

From grabbing the mail to taking the dog out or running around the house, she’ll get a lot of wear out of these affordable and soft teddy slippers. They have memory foam bottoms, so they’re super comfy, and the fabric is temperature regulating, so no sweaty feet (at least in theory). Best of all? They’re machine-washable, so when she inevitably steps in mud running to the morning bus, it’s no biggie.


A Jade Eye Mask (Asian-owned brand)

Not your average eye mask, this one’s not for catching Zzzs but is instead for depuffing tired eyes. The Jade Eye Mask is weighty (not to mention really pretty), and it’s naturally cooling, which can help shrink those “my-baby-is-sick” eye bags. To use, just lay the mask directly on the skin for 15 minutes. If nothing else, it’s an excuse to lay down.


A cozy throw

I don’t say this lightly: this is the best throw (and I live in a blanket-heavy home). Sunday Citizen is known for its super soft double-knit fabric that’s weighty without being too heavy. It’s roomy enough to share with another person (or two kids) while you watch TV or gaze at the fire. The checkerboard print is having a moment, but it comes in many other styles, like a soft waffle weave, houndstooth, or rainbow stripes.


A soothing eye & lip balm

Exhausted moms are always multitasking, so her skin care should too. The perfect product for leaving on her bedside table, this nourishing eye and lip balm is infused with herbs that hydrate and smooth skin (which means her eye bags look a little less noticeable). Infused with buttery oils and traditional Chinese medicine ingredients like ginseng root and foxglove root, this hardworking multitasker will leave her eyes and lips soothed and soft, even in the cold, dry winter.


A drink that will put her to sleep

There’s nothing worse than having the opportunity to catch a solid eight hours of sleep — like when the baby is finally (finally!) sleeping through the night, or better, the kids are at grandma’s — and then tossing and turning when it comes time to turn off the light. Blue Bear Functional Sleep Drink will send a tired mom straight to Dreamland. It’s meant to be drank about 30 minutes before bed and tastes like peach tea. It contains good ole melatonin, plus other relaxing botanical ingredients like chamomile, lavender, and ashwagandha.

When I (a typical bedtime doom scroller) drank this, I fell asleep with the light in my bedroom still on — something that hasn’t happened probably ever.


A stainless steel travel mug

Tired moms signal to each other in the wild with a travel coffee mug glued to their hand (the other hand is either full of a kid’s stuff or an actual kid). This one is chicer than any other mug she has stuffed in a drawer.

One thing that sets the Frank Green Stainless Steel Reusable Cup apart from others is that it’s available in so many colors, from neon to neutrals, and you can mix and match colors so the the cup, lid, and even the spout button are different. Monogramming is an option, and it’s available in eight, 10, 12, or 16 ounces.


A bestselling coffee

She’ll need some coffee to put in that travel mug. This rich, medium-dark coffee from Kahawa 1893 has notes of milk chocolate and caramel, and it’s delicious whether black or mixed with milk. If you’re going all out, there’s an option to give mom a coffee subscription delivered at a cadence of every 14, 21, 30, or 60 days because the need for coffee never ends.


A set of red nail polish

Well, at least her nails will look awake. This set of three nail polishes from Sundays comes with three festive red hues perfect for holiday parties (that hopefully start early). If she’s more into neutrals, the brand also has a set of three nude colors, or you can curate a box of your choosing.


A luxe candle

Never underestimate the awakening power of a little aromatherapy splurge. This Aerangis candle smells like the hustle and bustle of a city, but think more damp concrete than street garbage, thankfully. There are notes of petrichor (that’s wet dirt), bergamot, musk, fig leaves, and cedar, to name a few, and while that may sound like a random list, they all mingle perfectly. This looks luxe whether or not it’s lit, and the paper dust cover has wildflower seeds inside that can be planted in the vessel with some soil when the wax runs out.


A neutral pajama set

It’s rare that a lounge set can actually transition from inside to outside without looking like you’re wearing pajamas, but this set from Nuuds really can (if she can be convinced to step outside the perimeter of her bed in these). The colors are sophisticated neutrals (like mocha brown, cinnamon, or olive), and the fabric’s made with a luxe and slightly stretchy rayon and spandex blend. If she has enough PJs, another personal fave from this brand (founded by influencer Daryl-Ann Denner) is the Everyday Tee: my husband, who has never before been moved by a plain t-shirt, told me he “loved” this shirt when he saw me wearing it.


Stroller mittens

Upgrade her daily stroller sanity walk with these cozy stroller mittens that stay attached to the handle. The leopard is especially fun, but there are also white or gray mittens for traditionalists. These’ll work on any stroller, too, and unlike other gloves, her hands will pop out easily when it’s time to pick up a pacifier or unclip the straps.


Legal mushroom gummies

If mom’s skipping wine these days or just wants something to chill her out at night without making her feel weird or hungover, these little mushroom gummies are the answer.

They’re made with nootropic mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, L-Tryptophan, and Rhodiola Extract, which bring on a relaxed, light-hearted mood. But what really sets these apart is muscimol extract, a compound found in some mushrooms that’s known to induce “a state of profound euphoria and transcendence,” according to the Koi website. They really work, too. I’m partial to the Peach Razz flavor, which tastes like peach rings.


A holiday puzzle

Her idea of a raucous night out these days is probably staying up past 10 p.m. working on a puzzle and watching TV. This cheeky Bah Humbug puzzle is tricky in shades of mostly red, but it’s mini (just 70 pieces) so she can finish it in a night (if she can keep her eyes open). This means there won’t be any time for her kids to destroy it before she pops in that satisfying last piece.


Fun socks

Socks, she can never have too many, but these will outshine the others in her drawer. Made of organic cotton, they’re buttery soft without skimping on the fun prints. Plus, a portion of the Kind Socks profit is donated to environmental causes and social justice issues. From watermelons, stripes, or cute bumblebees, there’s a print she’ll love to find under the tree.


A dinner subscription

What a tired mom really wants is for someone else to make dinner. This dinner subscription from Williams Sonoma includes nine entrees from Portland-based Elephants Delicatessen delivered to her door (three per month). The dinners are crowd-pleasers like mac & cheese, Swedish meatballs with spaetzle, or lasagna (both meat and veggie), and they serve two to four people. The price is understandably a little steep, but there are also options to gift individual meals or five nights of dinner. Either way, you’ll be her hero.


A gift card for a mini getaway

Unless you’re going to clean her house every week for eternity, there’s no better gift than some time to unwind solo. Getaway has tiny cabins (200 or fewer square feet) all around the country. It’s basically glamping with a big, comfy bed, stove, hot shower, and toilet. What else could a tired mom want? Or, she can bring her family if that’s more her speed. I went on a Getaway weekend with my husband, our one-year-old, and a sixty-pound dog, and while I wouldn’t call it restful, per se, it was a lot of fun and a memorable adventure.


Immune boost gummies

You know what’s worse than being tired? Being sick and tired. These immune gummies from Hum Nutrition are made with elderberry, zinc, and vitamin C (basically the ultimate trifecta in the fight against cold season). Plus, they taste great and are heart-shaped.


A tea & chocolate combo

Two Filipinio-owned brands, Narra and Oodaalolly, teamed up for this holiday treat. It includes two chocolate bars: a dark chocolate pinipig (that’s a type of flattened rice) ginger bar and a “pinch of Pangasinan,” which is oat milk chocolate sprinkled with sea salt. There are also three cans of black tea and roasted oolong oat milk lattes, perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up, and two cool coasters her kids will probably throw on the ground immediately.


An overnight sleep mask

Give her the gift of low-effort glowy skin with this sleep mask from Beekman 1802. A ten-step skincare probably feels out of reach (honestly, anything over two steps is a stretch), but all she’ll have to do is wash her face and slather this thick, lavender-hued lotion on. It has peptides, bakuchiol, and melatonin, which can be used topically. These ingredients combine to plump skin and reduce the look of wrinkles. Basically, it’ll fake eight hours of sleep.