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15 Products To Make Your Bathroom More Toddler-Friendly

Create a functional, cute, toddler-friendly space.

When it comes to interior design, bathroom products for toddlers don’t always top the list of the most chic items. But, a space that’s equal parts fun and functional is exactly what you need to survive the early years of parenthood — especially when potty training is involved. This list of toddler-friendly bathroom products is filled with storage solutions, safety supplies, and potty training essentials to make this area of your home work especially well for your little one.

Toddler bathroom products have a lot of crossover with baby bathroom necessities. Things like bath thermometers and faucet spout-covers may already be in use in your toddler’s bathroom. But, if you’ve been bathing your baby in a baby tub (or the sink), or you’re setting up a bathroom designated just for your kid and your baby registry didn’t include some of these key elements, toddlerhood is a great time to invest in them.

Some toddler-specific bathroom items are meant to encourage independence as your little one grows. Step-stools, facet extenders for hand-washing, an automatic toothpaste dispenser, and potty seats are just a few examples of things to make a bathroom toddler-friendly that can help them be as self-sufficient as possible in the bathroom. These things definitely make your life easier, but they can also give your toddler a big confidence boost at the same time.

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A towel hook to hang where toddlers can reach

Pros: Inexpensive, waterproof, and holds up to 5 pounds.

Cons: White plastic design isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as other options.

Instead of risking your toddler yanking your towel rack right off of the wall (and potentially hurting themselves) when they try to grab a towel from too-high up, a Command Large Bath Towel Hook is an easy and inexpensive way to hang your toddler’s bath towel within reach. Made specifically for bathroom use, this plastic hook is waterproof and meant to hold up to 5 pounds of weight, so they’re perfect for soggy towels, robes. or even potty seats when not in use. The adhesive backing won’t damage your walls and can be used safely on most surfaces.

Review: “These hooks are a great product. Over 15 years ago we installed some slightly larger ones on the back of out bathroom door and they are still there and used daily. I got these to install one at a lower level near the powder room sink to my grandson could reach his own towel to dry hands after washing. He loves having his own towel and it looks nice. I put it right on the wall next to the pedestal sink. Great and easy solution!”


An automatic toothpaste dispenser to prevent messes

Pros: Intuitive design that lets toddlers gain independence in the bathroom.

Cons: Some reviewers note difficulty with getting correct paste placement on bristles.

A handy gadget that gives your child the ability to use a tube of toothpaste without making a giant mess is a must-have product to make a bathroom toddler-friendly. The iHave Toothpaste Dispenser automatically dispenses a small amount of toothpaste onto any toothbrush when the head is pressed inside its opening against the interior tab. It mounts easily on the wall with an included adhesive strip, but the body of the dispenser can be removed for easy cleaning.

Review: “Kids are gross! This makes them less gross! It contains all the gross toothpaste. Keeps it from spreading all over your counter tops. It is very easy to clean and reassemble! I highly recommend this to all parents.”


Star-shaped LED nightlights that plug into the wall

Pros: On, off, and auto sensor setting options; emits a soft white light.

Cons: Designed to be used only with vertical-oriented outlets.

To create a more toddler-friendly bathroom, add a twinkling night light to help make middle-of-the night potty trips a bit easier. This 3-pack of Jadens Star Plug-in LED Night Lights emit a soft white light that glows when plugged in. The auto setting and sensor ensures that the star lights up when the bathroom is dark and shuts off when there’s a bigger light on, but you can also set each light to on or off if desired. Each night light measures about 3 inches tall, so they’re great for small spaces.

Review: “These little star night lights came yesterday all carefully packed. I thought they looked cute on the pictures but THEY ARE REALLY CUTE and bright too!! They give off a really soft white light that is perfect for a hall or a bathroom etc. I actually ordered more to put in other parts of my house. But last night I put one of these in my hall and one in the bathroom and it was bright enough that I could totally see what I needed to. I also like the option it gives you to keep on, off and/or auto. I believe these will save me some money in the long run compared to the bright light I was leaving on in the hall.”


Faucet extenders for bathroom sinks

Pros: Easy to install, promotes independent sink use.

Cons: Can make washing adult hands hard in small sinks.

You can use this 2-pack of Munchkin Faucet Extenders on any sink in your home that your toddler uses, but it’s an absolute must-have product to make a bathroom toddler-friendly. The flexible opening is designed to fit snugly over most standard sink spigots without any tools needed, allowing water to flow easily out of the 5-inch plastic lip and onto your toddler’s hands.

Review: “I love this product. I just had a baby and was struggling to pick up my toddler to wash his hands. I would have to pick him up and put his stomach against the counter. I couldn’t imagine that it was comfortable for him. These made hand washing easy and fun for him. I love that it’s a two pack. I put the second one in the bath. My son loves when the water sprays out at him. I like these so much better than the characters you place over the faucet. Those characters get moldy and gross. These are super clean and I feel comfortable with using these with Him. I also think these would make a great gift for a baby shower. If you do sink baths these would be perfect! I highly recommend this product.”


A tub faucet spout cover that looks like a shark

Pros: Easy to install; fun, toddler-friendly design.

Cons: May block access to the shower knob on some tub spouts.

It’s not technically Baby Shark, but this shark-shaped GUGELIVES Bath Spout Cover is bound to delight your toddler all the same. If your toddler loves to romp and play in the tub, this spout cover will protect them from accidental collisions with any sharp edges on the faucet. Made from soft, but durable, plastic, this flexible spout cover is designed to fit easily onto most standard tub faucets.

Review: “Love this, my little dude has been obsessed with the water spout and I was freaking out every bath time that he would hurt himself on the spout, this’ll solved our problems and is awesome looking, hard foamy rubber consistency, easy enough to get on and he hasn’t been able to get it off which is a plus. My son likes to feed the shark bath toys!”


A cute water temperature gauge for the bathtub

Pros: LED light turns red if water is too hot or blue when it’s too cold.

Cons: Water can get into the battery compartment if not tightly closed.

Part temperature gauge, part fun, stingray-shaped bath toy, the Famidoc Bath Thermometer is a great toddler bathroom product to have on hand. This battery-powered thermometer turns on automatically when shaken and turns off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. Made from soft plastic that’s BPA-free, this bath thermometer shows the water’s exact temperature and has an LED light that indicates when the water is too hot or too cold, depending on the light’s color.

Review: “I LOVE this bath thermometer. It has a flashing red light when the water is too hot and a flashing blue light when it is too cold. The numbers on the display are big and easy to see if you are not in the tub. All you have to do is shake it a little to turn it on and it will stay on for I would say ~20 minutes. It even acts as a bath time toy!”


A freestanding toy holder with built-in drainage

Pros: Freestanding design doesn’t take up space in your tub.

Cons: Takes up valuable floor space in smaller bathrooms.

The Ubbi Freestanding Bath Toy Organizer is an easy way to store all of your toddler’s bathtub toys without taking up space in your tub or dealing with suction cup storage that may fall down. Made from sturdy, high-quality plastic, it’s got a sleek 2-piece design with drainage slots on the bottom of the bin that allows water to drain out of the toys and into the base without getting all over the floor. Also included is a handy toy scooper that hangs neatly on the side of the organizer when not in use. At about 10.5-inches tall, it’s no bigger than most bathroom trash bins. This toy organizer is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Review: “This is my preferred option to store bath toys now! It sits outside the tub, keeping our shared tub looking clean. No more failed suction cups or moldy mesh! BEFORE: We were given a mesh scoop / store suction cup hanging bag about two years ago. It was ok but the mouth was to slender for my 1-2 year old to fit her toys in so that they all fit so I had to do the clean up. The suction cup also stopped working / failed often. NOW: my kid can just throw her toys in herself, and leaves it in the tub, I come back later to shake it a little then set it aside the tub in the water catcher/ holder and it's OUT of my tub and looks great. I will recommend this to all my friends.”


A potty training urinal to practice aiming

Pros: Compact, toddler-friendly design.

Cons: Mounting options included may not work for all bathrooms.

Create a toddler-friendly bathroom when you hang this Foryee Frog Potty Training Urinal on the wall. For boys who stand to pee, this urinal’s fun frog design helps them learn how to aim for the spinning target in the middle of the frog’s mouth. (Just like they should aim for the center of the toilet bowl — and not your floor — when they’re bigger.) When they’re finished, simply lift out the interior well, dump it out, rinse, and re-attach.

Review: “Ok, I've read the other reviews and here's what I have to say after a few weeks of using this's AWESOME! Yes, it's little, but so is the 2 year old using it. It's perfectly sized for a toddler, learning. It empties easily and there aren't any places that are hard to get rinsed and cleaned. Our wall wasn't going to work with a suction cup, and the foam adhesive they sent didn't have a good place on the back of the froggy to stick, so a $2 command hook did the trick! The froggy has a little place for a hook, and it hangs perfectly. The fact that it's just hung on a hook makes it super easy to move to another bathroom, or take along if you're going somewhere. This was totally worth the purchase!!!”


A toothbrush holder and organizer that siblings can share

Pros: Keeps everything organized and within sight, easy to clean.

Cons: Takes up a significant amount of counter space.

To make a bathroom that may also be used by siblings or parents more toddler-friendly, the Eslite Toothbrush Holder is a great multi-purpose countertop storage solution to invest in. It has space for anything your toddler may need to reach when brushing their teeth. The rectangular platform base measures approximately 9.84 by 6.3 inches, so it does take up a lot of counter space, but the organizational benefits make it worth it. On the backside of the holder’s platform there are 5 designated toothbrush holes with a rectangular space on either side to hold toothpaste, combs, or a hairbrush. On the front part of the platform are three water cups in green, pink, and blue, so your toddler can easily know which cup is theirs and exactly where it goes.

Review: “I purchased this toothbrush/toothpaste storage for my 3 kids that share a bathroom. I loved that it came with three cups that were already the colors my kids would want to use. I also like that the cup spots are big enough to have the cup sit in it right side up or upside down. I like our cups upside down for sanitary purposes. The cups aren't super thick plastic so we've been hand washing as I'm not sure how it would hold up in the dishwasher. It has more than enough space on either side for toothpaste. It also has extra spots for up to 5 toothbrushes, which is also nice for when grandma and granpa come to visit. My only dislike is that it doesn't quite fit in the space, with a bit of overhang over our beveled sink, but that is more my bad as I didn't double check the dimensions before I ordered.”


A fun non-slip mat for the tub

Pros: Large size provides ample non-slip coverage.

Cons: Cannot be used in textured tubs.

To keep your toddler safe in the bath, a non-slip tub mat is a necessity in many household bathtubs. The BEEHOME Anti-Slip Tub Mat features a bright and colorful alphabet design with a matching animal alongside each letter on a clear background. Made from soft and durable PVC material, the mat measures 35 by 16 inches, which provides ample coverage in most standard tubs. It has a textured pattern and clings to your tub thanks to secure suction cups on the back of the mat.

Review: “Such a good bath mat. My daughter loves naming the animals and making letter sounds. We play find the animal when I add bubbles to the tub too. Mat has ridges to avoid slipping but are still soft enough that my daughter can sit on the mat and not get marks on her legs or butt. Easy to clean, suctions very well and hasn’t worn off in a few months. I would def buy again!”


Shower caddies that suction to the wall

Pros: Designed to withstand the weight of heavy shower products.

Cons: The adhesive backing on the suction cups may leave residue on shower walls when moved.

You can hang theses TAILI Suction Shower Caddies at whatever height works best for your toddler’s needs. To keep things like razors and shampoos (the ones you don’t want dumped out) out of reach, you can hang one (or both) up high. But if you want to encourage your toddler’s independence as they grow, you can also hang these caddies lower where your toddler can access their soap, toys, or loofah. Each caddy measures approximately 12 inches long and has a depth of nearly 5 inches, with slots and an inclined bottom for easy drainage. Made from sturdy plastic, these caddies feature strong suction cups with an adhesive backing that they can be repositioned as needed.

Review: “My kids love to use my shower because of how large it is, but that has resulted in toys and extra bottles everywhere! I wanted something easy to install that could get the clutter off of the shower floor without having to drill into my tiles. I purchased one of these to try out and after getting it mounted, I immediately went a purchased a second one. They are incredible! The suction is so strong, so this can easily hold 3-4 larger bottles and not even budge. I love that it has drain holes and little hooks to hang loofah sponges on. It is a sturdy plastic that won't rust and can easily be removed for cleaning. I can't recommend this product enough!”


A potty training seat with an attached step stool

Pros: Handles, soft seat, 2-in-1 product.

Cons: Assembly is required.

Instead of dragging out a potty seat and step stool separately each time your toddler needs to use the toilet, the Fedicelly Potty Training Seat Step Stool has a 2-in-one design that encourages independence. Designed with toddlers in mind, the seat area has a removable cushion and urinal splash guard that are easy to clean. The anti-slip feet stay firmly in place while built-in handles help steady toddlers as needed.The height of the ladder and steps can easily be adjusted based on height of your toilet and your child’s height. It’s also foldable for easy storage when not in use.

Review: “My daughter loves being able to step up to go potty all by herself. The handles make it easy for her to turn around to check her progress without falling. The step is sturdy and the back is good for larger oval toilets and smaller round ones. The legs are sturdy and have rubber pieces on the bottom so they don’t slip out from the toilet. An unexpected cute addition is the little foot prints to show where little feet are supposed to face, which my daughter loves. Highly recommend.”


A tub cover to make bath time more comfortable

Pros: Made with thick, supportive foam; easy to clean.

Cons: Can hold water if not hung to dry between uses.

If you don’t already have one of these genius arm-and-knee-savers from when your toddler was a baby, the Skip Hop Baby Bath All-in-One Elbow Saver and Kneeler is a must-have toddler bathroom product. The top cushy foam panel sits atop your bathtub’s edge and drapes over the side where a wider, bottom foam panel rests on the ground. Use it to kneel next to the tub or give your toddler a soft space to play. The design also includes a small sip pocket to store your jewelry or phone while you help your child bathe. It’s adjustable to fit the height of most standard bathtubs, and can be hung to dry after use.

Review: “Although this accessory is definitely not an absolute necessary, I love it. Great cushion for your arms, and that pocket good for a watch or ring you do want to get wet or bump/scrape your little one with doing bath-time. My toddler actually uses and prefer the area with it as their in and out of the tub, since it not slippy when wet like the rest of the bathtub. Extremely happy I brought it.”


A wooden step stool with non-slip grips

Pros: Anti-slip self-pace strips for both steps and bottom feet.

Cons: Assembly is required.

The HAJACK Step Stool for kids is one of the few wooden bathroom stools for toddlers on the market with anti-slip grips on top of the steps and on the bottoms of the stool’s feet. It comes in multiple colors, is made from durable, natural wood that is over a half and inch thick, has a two-step design, and can hold up to 200 pounds. The stool’s edges are rounded for safety and it measures approximately 13 inches wide and the top step stands almost 13 and a half inches tall.

Review: “Got it for the bathroom sink for my small kids. Very straightforward and quick to assemble (in fact, they did a lot of the assembly on their own). Very sturdy- does not wobble, good height, smooth surface all around, and looks just like the picture. Easy for the kids to use. I haven’t put the skids on yet because I don’t think we need them and it looks better without, but I’m saving them in case I change my mind. I got this to replace a cheaper plastic one that cracked on top after maybe a year of wear. This one looks nicer anyway. Hoping it lasts a long time.”


A toilet seat with a built-in potty training seat

Pros: Easy to install.

Cons: Magnet separation may be difficult for young toddlers.

If you’re looking for a toddler bathroom product that can help save space while potty training, the Mayfair NextStep2 Toilet Seat is a great pick. It’s a standard toilet seat that has a toddler potty seat insert built-in that can stay up and magnetized to the lid, or be pulled down when your toddler needs it. You can purchase the same seat in different sizes and shapes depending on what fits your toilet. The slow-to-close lid design means you don’t have to worry about your toddler letting it drop down hard or slamming it closed. The toddler insert itself is removable for easy cleaning or when your child grows too big to use it.

Review: “My toddler just started potty training and I didn't want have to deal with taking out a lid cover for her everytime she wanted to try sitting on the potty. It closes quietly, was easy to install, and has been working just fine for the past 2 months. My only con, for little fingers it may be hard for them to separate the small part from the lid as the magnet is very strong. My 21 month took a little but finally figured it out, most times. However without the strong magnet I'm sure it would be constantly separating on it's own. I highly recommend and would buy again.”

As your little one grows, their needs change — and their bathroom needs are no exception. From potty-training accessories to storage solutions that encourage independence, these are the best things to make a bathroom a more toddler-friendly space.