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110 Four-Letter Girl Names That Are Simple & Sweet (But Definitely Not Boring)

Little names for little girls who’ll go on to do big things.

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If you’re a fan of short, sweet, and simple when it comes to baby names, you might be considering 4 letter names for your little one. These 110 (yes, really) 4 letter girl names to prove that just because a name is short doesn’t mean it can’t be full of meaning, history, culture, and inspiration for your growing family. To help you narrow it down (because 110 is a lot of names to think about) these names have been broken down by category based on their meanings, source, or general vibe (because it’s all about the vibes).

4-Letter names inspired by nature

These four letter names for girls all mean something to do with the natural world, from the elements, to plants, to heavenly bodies. Some of them require no explanation as to their meaning. These names are at once powerful but simple, and full of life and spirit.

  • Luna (Latin; “moon”)
  • Isla (Spanish: “island”)
  • Thuy (Vietnamese; “water”)
  • Hana (Japanese; “flower”/Albanian; “moon”/Maori; “to shine”)
  • Zara (Arabic; “blooming flower”)
  • Lily
  • Tara (Sanskrit; “star”/ Irish; “hill”)
  • Rose
  • Flor (Spanish; “flower”)
  • Suvi (Norse; “sun”)
  • Rain
  • Fern
  • Iris
  • Skye
  • Zoey (Greek; “life”)
  • Wren
  • Ruby
  • Yara (Arabic; “small butterfly”)
  • Eira (Welsh; “snow”)
  • Sena (Greek; “moon,” a variation of Selena)

4-letter names with spiritual meanings

Some of these names are inspired by religious figures from a variety of faith traditions including Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Shintoism. Others are more generically spiritual and refer to meaningful qualities you might hope your daughter will embody.

Names that inspire peace, piety, and virtue.Shutterstock
  • Alma (Spanish; “soul”)
  • Yael (Hebrew; “ibex/mountain goat,” a heroine of the Book of Judges)
  • Veda (Sanskrit; “wisdom,” in Hinduism The Vedas are sacred texts)
  • Thea (Greek; “goddess”)
  • Mary (English; the meaning is debated and could be “bitterness,” “beloved,” “wished for,” or “a drop of the sea” among others. In the Bible, Mary was the mother of Jesus.)
  • Aura (Latin; literally “breeze,” but refers to the energy eminating from a living creature)
  • Hope
  • Noel (French; “Christmas”)
  • Inez (Spanish; “pure”)
  • Amal (Arabic; “hope”)
  • Aafa (Urdu; “one who forgives”)
  • Kami (Japanese; a title for gods in Shintoism, often embodied in natural elements. This name also carries meanings of existential perfection and omnipresence.)
  • Gwen (Welsh; “holy”)
  • Izzy (Hebrew; “god’s promise”)

Sweet 4-letter names

These names all either have sweet, loving meanings or are otherwise just super adorable. Some are both. These names have the unique quality of being really adorable for a little girl, but can mature with grace and style for when that girl grows up and wants to conquer the world.

Sweets for the sweet.Shutterstock
  • Zuzu (Yiddish; “sweet”)
  • Suki (Japanese; “beloved”)
  • Coco (French; “cocoa”)
  • Aiko (Japanese; “loved little one”)
  • Lulu (Swahili; “pearl”)
  • Esme (French; “loved, esteemed”)
  • Dayo (Nigerian; “joy arrives”)
  • Etsu (Japanese; “rejoice”)
  • Mila (Slavic; “gracious, dear”)
  • Jiya (Hindi; “radiance, sunshine,” colloquially “sweetheart”)
  • Mira (Latin; “admirable”)
  • Yuna (Japanese; “kindness”)
  • Diya (Arabic; “glow”)
  • Ebun (Yoruba; “gift”)
  • Cara (Irish; “friend”)

Literary & mythological 4-letter names

While mythology and literature is often known for long, elaborate names (Clytemnestra, for example), every now and then you stumble across one that can get across epic greatness in just four letters. While most of these come from Greek and Roman mythology, they also able to draw inspiration from the legends and folklore of the Amazon, Ireland, and Northern Africa.

Names for goddesses and heroes.Shutterstock
  • Clio (Greek; “to recount, make famous, or celebrate” “glory”; the Muse of history)
  • Rhea (A Titan in Greek mythology and mother to many of the Olympians, including Zeus)
  • Gaia (The primordial Earth goddess in Greek mythology, mother of Titans, giants, and monsters)
  • Iara (Tupí-Guaraní; “lady of the lake,” the name of a mermaid/nymph/siren-like entity who lives in the Amazon river)
  • Echo (An ill-fated, chatty nymph in Greek mythology)
  • Bríd (Known as “the Exalted One;” Irish goddess of spring, fertility, healing, and fire)
  • Juno (Roman Queen of the gods)
  • Hero (The heroine of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing)
  • Leda (A queen of Ancient Greece, mother of Castor and Pollux and Helen of Troy)
  • Dido (An ancient queen and founder of the kingdom of Carthage)

Unique 4-letter names

Because whomst among us doesn’t love a quirky girl? These names may not always be unusual in their native culture, but you won’t often find any of them in the United States. The chances of there being another Oona or Tove in your child’s class is never zero, but it’s probably pretty slim...

Names for your quirky artiste.Shutterstock
  • Indy (American; uncertain meaning)
  • Oona (Scottish; “one”/ Irish; “lamb,” Anglicanized version of Una)
  • Roxy (Persian; diminutive version of Roxana, “dawn”)
  • Zuri (Swahili; “beautiful”)
  • Kyra (Russian: “leader”)
  • Remy (French; “oarsman”)
  • Áine (Irish; “radiance”)
  • Tove (Scandinavian; “peaceful”)
  • Zaya (Uncertain origin and meaning; possibly “victorious woman”)
  • Efia (Ghanaian; “born on a Friday”)
  • Demi (French; “small, half”)
  • Aiza (Basque; “cliff”)

Royal 4-letter names

These names either have royal meanings or seriously royal vibes. And isn’t your little queen worthy of a name that reflects her greatness and destiny to rule? A word of warning: a daughter with such a regal name may lean on into that sense of imperiousness, which could be dangerous for parents, teachers, and caregivers, but it’s worth it if it helps her understand her worth.

Perfect names for your (almost) perfect princess.Shutterstock
  • Orla (Irish; “golden princess”)
  • Sara (Hebrew; “princess”)
  • Sade (Yoruba; “honor wins the crown”)
  • Cera (A variation of Sara)
  • Nala (Swahili; a variant of Nahla, “queen”)
  • Leia (... as in the Princess of Alderaan in Star Wars...)
  • Esty (Persian; a diminutive of Esther, the name of the Jewish queen of Persia, meaning “star”)

Classic 4-letter names

This list teaches us that popular names are popular for a reason. They also prove that some once-classic-but-now-out-of-fashion names might be due for a comeback.

Who says Jane is plain?Shutterstock
  • Erin (Irish; “Ireland”)
  • Nora (Latin; “honor”)
  • Lana (Slavic; “shining”)
  • Jane (English; “God is gracious”)
  • Lucy (Latin; “light”)
  • Evie (French; diminutive of Evelyn, “desired child”/ Hebrew; diminutive of Eve, “life”)
  • Judy (English from Hebrew; “Jewish woman; praised”)
  • Emma (German; “whole, universal”)
  • Zene (Nigerian; “beautiful”)

Powerful 4-letter names

These names denote strength, power, and qualities that will encourage your daughter to achieve greatness. They also serve as a reminder that power doesn’t have to be brute force– generosity, dignity, honor, and motherhood all have a more quiet, but no less powerful, strength to them.

Power comes in many forms.Shutterstock
  • Asha (Hindi; “hope”)
  • Maya (Maori; “courage”/ Sanskrit; “dream”/ Greek; “mother”)
  • Bree (Irish; “strength”)
  • Nova (Latin; “new,” can also refer to the cosmic burst of light that accompanies the death of a star)
  • Fola (Yoruba; “honorable”)
  • Mara (Hebrew; “bitter, strength”)
  • Willa (German; “will, desire”)
  • Dana (Pali; “generosity”/ Hebrew: “arbiter”)
  • Wing (Chinese; “glory”)
  • Alia (Arabic; “exalted”)
  • Neve (Old Irish; “radiant”)
  • Loba (Portuguese; “wolf”)
  • Jaha (Swahili; “dignity”)
  • Abra (Hebrew; feminine form of Abraham, “father of many”)
  • Emme (German; “universal”)
  • Vida (Spanish; “life”)

Artistic 4-letter names

These names are drawn from a variety of sources, from poetry to music, Ancient Greece to Broadway – a great way to give your daughter a truly inspired start in life.

Which way to the stage...?Shutterstock
  • Lyra (Latin from Greek; “lyre”)
  • Aria (Italian; “air, melody”)
  • Aida (Arabic; “reward,” the name of the heroine of Verdi’s opera of the same name)
  • Rumi (Persian; “Rome, west.” Also the name of the 13th century Persian poet and mystic)
  • Rene (French; “rebirth,” also can refer to the Renaissance, a period noted for its artistic achievements)
  • Tala (Somoan; “to tell a tale”)
  • Mame (Latin; “star of the sea,” the name of the colorful titular character in the 1966 musical)

If you still don’t see something you like on this fairly robust list, don’t worry: there were so many more beautiful names out there that could have been included, and they’re still out there waiting for you.

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