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40 Fierce Baby Names For Your Strong Aries Boy

These names bring to mind bold and courageous.

If you’re expecting your baby boy to be born between the dates of March 21 through April 19, you’re about to be the proud parent of an Aries. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are known for their big and bold personality. They’re passionate, confident, and ready to take on just about any challenge in the most competitive way possible. Your little Aries boy is definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with, which means you need a great Aries-inspired baby name for him.

Aries in particular are often thought of as natural leaders: they’re the ones making the decisions and always striving to be a winner. If you’re looking for a baby boy name that embodies their fiery disposition, then it seems obvious to consider names that mean fire, passion, strength, and courage. This sign is also known for being optimistic more often than not, full of joy, and basically just one of the most fun types of people to be around. Look for names with meanings like positive energy and bright. And it should come as no surprise that Aries are about as independent as you can be, so names that mean independent work well too. Below is a collection of baby names for your strong Aries boy.

Fire-inspired Aries boy names

An Aries is a fire sign, and fire signs are known for their creativity, brashness, and overall loud personalities. They’re often associated with the color red, which is bold and bright, just like them. If you want to name your little one after their astrological sign, it just makes sense to start with names that mean fire, or that have similar meanings.

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  • Aiden: This name has Irish origins and means “little” and “fiery.” It also come from the name of an old Celtic god of sun and fire.
  • Adar: This Hebrew name literally translates to “fire.” This unique option definitely sounds bold.
  • Blaze: The definition of the word “blaze” is “a very large and fiercely burning fire,” making this a pretty perfect description of an Aries.
  • Brando: When you think of the name Brando, you probably think of the famous actor Marlon Brando. But this is an Italian version of the word “brand,” which means “firebrand” or “sword.”
  • Brent: While Brent doesn’t mean fire, exactly, it’s pretty close: It’s an English boys name that means “dweller near the burnt land.”
  • Cole: Just as the name sounds, it means “coal black” and “swarthy,” both of which are words that are associated with fire and its meaning.
  • Conley: This is the English version of Conleth, an Irish boy’s name that means “chaste fire.” The Celtic origin means “purifying light,” which is also a good representation of an Aries.
  • Cyrus: This Persian name means “sun,” which is about as close to fire as you can get. Cyrus was also the name of a fifth century Persian leader who was famous for conquering Babylon.
  • Drake: This boy name means “dragon,” which is a mythical creature that breathes fire to protect itself. Sounds pretty much like an Aries.
  • Egan: A name with Irish roots, Egan means “little fire.” This is such a cute way to describe an Aries baby.
  • Hayden: This boy’s name sounds sweet and charming, but it’s a German and Celtic name that means “fire.”
  • Hugo: This bold name is the German variant of the Gaelic boy name “Aodh,” which means “fire.”
  • Idris: A Welsh boy name, Idris means “fiery” and “passionate,” which are two words that definitely describe any fire sign.
  • Ignacio: The regal-sounding Ignacio has Spanish origins and translates to “fiery.”
  • Kai: Kai could have two very different meanings. The Scottish version of the name means “fire,” while the Hawaiian name means “sea.”
  • Keahi: This Hawaiian boy name means “flames.”
  • Keegan: With Irish origins, this name actually means “son of Egan.” It can also mean “fiery.”
  • Kenneth: This name is of Scottish-Irish origin and means “born of fire.” It can also mean “handsome.”
  • Loki: You many have heard the name Loki because of the Marvel Universe, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great option. This Norse name is associated with the god of magic, fire, and mischief.
  • Sampson: A Hebrew boy name, Sampson means “sun,” which burns bright just like fire.

Boys names inspired by Aries personality traits

When you think of an Aries, the personality traits that often come to mind include brave, motivated, domineering, and confident. Look for names that have similar meanings.

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  • Adir: This Hebrew boy name means “strong,” “courageous,” and “mighty,” all of which describe an Aries.
  • Aldric: This French name has German origins, and it means “strong,” “mighty,” and “ruler.”
  • Andrew: Looking for something a bit more traditional? Andrew is an English name and it means “manly,” “strong,” and “warrior.”
  • Arthur: The name Arthur has Scottish and Celtic origins and means “bear” or “strong as a bear.” It’s also a name that brings to mind King Arthur, a famous sixth century king, which seems fit for an Aries.
  • Asher: Asher is a Hebrew name that means “happy” and “blessed.” It’s derived from the Hebrew word “osher,” which means “happiness.” Aries are known for being a ray of positive energy, so this name fits nicely.
  • Conrad: Derived from the Pro-Germanic name Konrad, this one means “bold,” and if you had to choose one word to describe an Aries, that would be it.
  • Conall: This name has Irish origins and means “strong as a wolf.” It’s also a cool and unique option.
  • Denzel: A British name, Denzel means “high stronghold,” and it has Cornish origins.
  • Ethan: This ancient Hebrew name means “solid,” “enduring,” and “strong.” This is a powerful option.
  • Farrell: This Irish name comes from a popular surname, and it means “man of valor.”
  • Francis: A version of the name Francis can be found in so many different cultures, but it has Latin origins and means “free man.” This is perfect for the independent Aries.
  • Griffin: The name Griffin comes from a Welsh surname, Gruffydd, which means “lord” or “prince.” It’s also the name of a mythical creature that has the body a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.
  • Javier: Javier is a popular Spanish name, but it also has Arabic origins, where it means “bright” and “splendid,” a lovely way to describe an Aries’ positive energy.
  • Leonard: This name has German origins, and means “brave as a lion.” A lion might not be the symbol of an Aries, but this description is spot on.
  • Maverick: The meaning of this English word is “independent,” and it has some strong connotations.
  • Meyer: A Hebrew name, Meyer means “bringer of light.” It’s a nice way to describe someone full of optimism.
  • Nero: A bold Latin name, Nero means “strong,” “vigorous,” or “powerful,” all great words for an Aries.
  • Orion: This name is becoming more popular, and it’s not hard to see why. Orion is the name of a legendary Greek hunter who appears in Homer’s Odyssey.
  • Roderick: This British boy name means “famous” and “strong ruler.”
  • Warrick: Unique and different, Warrick has German origins and means “leader who defends.” If that doesn’t describe an Aries, what does?

Even though your little one hasn’t yet shown off their personality, you can bet that as an Aries, they’re going to be a ball of confident energy. Any of these Aries-inspired baby names are a good way to embrace that.