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40 Unique Baby Girl Names For Your Fiery Aries

Embrace that bold personality.

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If your little girl is going to be born between March 21 and April 19, that means she’s going to be an Aries baby. The leaders of the zodiac, Aries are known for their strong and independent personalities, as well as their confident demeanor in any situation. They’re the kind of people that almost demand a name that sounds just as powerful as they can be. And there are plenty of Aries-inspired girl names that accomplish exactly that — it’s jut a matter of settling on only one.

An Aries is a force to be reckoned with. Imaginative, tenacious, and enthusiastic, Aries are always striving to be the best of the best. They are natural leaders, determined enough to accomplish almost anything with a streak of independence that sets them apart. When trying to think up the perfect baby names for your little Aries, you’ll want to focus on their best personality traits to really try to embody their spirit. Below is a selection of Aries-inspired baby names that also happen to be more unique for you to pick from.

Fire-inspired Aries girl names

An Aries is a fire sign, which can be best be described as passionate, energetic, strong, and driven. Aries are always up for a challenge, and they’re always determined to win. Tap into that spirit with a name that means fire, a name that means red, or something similar.

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  • Adara: The name Adara has a few different meanings, but the Hebrew origins mean “fire.” The Greek name means “beautiful,” and the combination perfectly describes an Aries baby girl.
  • Bedelia: Bedelia is the name of the mythic Celtic goddess of fire and poetry. The Irish origin means “strength” or “high one,” and all of these describe an Aries.
  • Brenna: Brenna can have several different meanings, but the German name means “blazing light,” which is such a lovely way to describe fire.
  • Bridget: This Gaelic and Irish baby girl name comes from the Irish goddess of fire, and also means “power,” “strength” and “vigor.”
  • Calida: The Latin meaning of the name Calida is “fiery.” It also has a Greek meaning of “most beautiful.”
  • Electra: This Greek baby girl name means “sparkling, fiery sun,” which is basically just like fire.
  • Ember: Just the name Ember brings fire to mind. It’s an English name that means “spark” or “burning low” and is quite a unique choice.
  • Enya: With Irish origins, the pretty name Enya means “fire.” It’s such a beautiful choice.
  • Fiamma: This unique Italian name means “little fiery one” or “flame.” You can nickname them Fia.
  • Kala: The name Kala can have several different meanings and originates from Hawaii and India. The Hawaiian meaning of the name can be “sun” or “princess,” both of which work for an Aries.
  • Kalama: In Hawaii, the name Kalama means “the torch,” and suggests flaming lanterns.
  • Mariel: Mariel comes from the Ossetian girl name for the goddess of fire. The Dutch meaning is also “star of the sea.”
  • Nina: Nina, which is an Aymar girl name, means “fire.” Simple and straightforward!
  • Neci: This unique name has Latin roots and means “fiery” and “intense.”
  • Phoenix: In classical mythology, a phoenix is a creature that bursts into flames and can then rise from its ashes. This definitely brings fire to mind.
  • Reese: Reese is an English version of the Welsh name “Rhys,” and it means “ardent” and “fire.”
  • Scarlett: Scarlett is a French name that means “red.” This brings to mind the color of fire and is just a really pretty choice.
  • Sienna: Sienna is another name that refers to a color: a bright shade of orange-red that also looks like fire.
  • Surya: This Sanskrit girls name means “sun,” and invokes a feeling of power.
  • Seraphine: This beautiful and unique Hebrew name means “ardent” and “fiery,” and is both delicate and bold.

Aries girl names inspired by personality traits

Aries are known for being strong and courageous, the kind of people who are always taking charge and leading the pack. But they can also be a bright light of optimism and positive energy, which means that you can look for names that mean strength as well as brightness.

  • Alina: With Slavic origins, this form of Adeline means “bright” and “beautiful.” It’s a delicate and pretty option for your positive Aries baby.
  • Amelia: One of the most popular girls names out there right now, Amelia is a German name that means “eager” and “striving,” which really describes an Aries well.
  • April: Many Aries are born in the month of April, which is one reason this feminine name fits so well. The Latin origins also mean “to open,” which is a nod to an Aries as a leader.
  • Audrey: This pretty English name means “noble strength,” and has a classic ring to it.
  • Bernadette: This French name is the female version of Bernard, which has German origins that means “brave bear.”
  • Briana: With Irish origins, Briana means “strong,” “virtuous,” and “honorable.”
  • Emily: The female version of the word Emil, Emily means “to excel or rival successfully.” Nothing could be further from the truth when talking about a competitive Aries.
  • Emmy: Similar to Emily, Emmy is of German origin and means “industrious rival.”
  • Felicity: The name Felicity has Latin origins, and the English name means “happiness,” which is such a nice pick for an optimistic Aries.
  • Gertrude: This means “strength,” and comes from the German words that mean “spear.”
  • Karla: The French meaning of the name Karla is “strong,” and the German meaning is “free man.” Both explain the independent Aries well.
  • Lalita: This unique option is a Sanskrit girls name that means “playful” and “charming.”
  • Matilda: The name Matilda has German origins and comes from the words that mean “might,” “power,” and “battle.”
  • Nicole: A French name, Nicole means “victorious,” which is a pretty perfect way to describe the Aries who always has to be the winner.
  • Roxanne: The Persian origin of the name Roxanne means “bright,” which goes well with their positive energy.
  • Ruby: Ruby is another name that is associated with the color that goes along with an Aries: a deep red shade that reminds you of fire.
  • Stella: This pretty name has Latin origins and means “star.” Since an Aries always wants to be the star of the show, this is a great choice.
  • Valerie: With Spanish origins, Valerie means “brave” and “strong” and “fierce.”
  • Vivian: This name has Latin origins that mean “animated” and “lively,” two words that describe an Aries realyl well.
  • Zelda: This unique option can mean “strong woman” and “dark battle.”

Looking for the perfect Aries-inspired baby name for your little girl might mean choosing something that describes their personality and captures what their astrological sign says about them. It also sets the tone for their adventurous life.

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