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35 Baby Names That Mean Miracle (Because Your Baby Certainly Is That)

Perfect names for your greatest blessing yet.

Whether you’ve been longing for a baby and are finally about to have one or you just feel lucky and #blessed because you get to be a parent, there’s something lovely about baby names that mean “miracle.” OK, yes, the ins and outs of how biology are fairly standard — every animal has some version of reproducing. It’s not exactly a miracle on paper; it’s just kind of how the world works. But that doesn’t make what parents are going through — making a brand new human life or becoming a parent — feel any less miraculous.

Parenthood is a fairly common thing—everyone on earth has at least two parents on paper. But it’s also such an enormous honor and, in many ways, unique for everyone who decides to do it. So it’s time to gather up all the best names that mean miracle, or at the very least, have a sense of wonder, divine blessing, and heavenly privilege imbued in them. (Because, honestly, you’d be surprised how few baby names that mean miracle are out there, so you have to go off vibes in a lot of cases.)

Girl Names That Mean Miracle Or Blessing

These gorgeous names span the globe from Ancient Rome to modern-day Japan and everywhere in-between. While some are overtly names that mean miracle, others are a little more miracle-like, with meanings like “blessed,” “blessing,” or “gift from God.”

  • Milagros (Spanish)
  • Gwyneth (Welsh)
  • Beatrice (Italian)
  • Ayah (Arabic)
  • Alésia (French)
  • Beata (Latin)
  • Theodora (Greek)
  • Sachi (Japanese)
  • Marvel (English)
  • Nima (Hebrew)
  • Behati (Afrikaans)
  • Elysia (Latin)
  • Mirabel (Latin)

Boy Names That Mean Miracle Or Blessing

As with the girl names above, a number of these names have names that aren’t strictly speaking “miracle,” but have miraculous vibes, if you will. These names, similar, convey the idea that your baby is a wonder —special, blessed, and a wish come true. From Hawaiian to Yiddish, these unique names all have a certain je ne sais quoi.

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  • Benedict (English)
  • Ansel (German)
  • Barak (Hebrew)
  • Apikai (Hawaiian)
  • Boone (Old English)
  • Eijaz (Arabic)
  • Thaddeus (Latin)
  • Yanis (Greek from Hebrew)
  • Zelig (Yiddish)
  • Asher (Hebrew)
  • Adom (Ghanian)
  • Theodore (Greek)
  • Milagre (Portugese)
  • Bennett (English)

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Miracle Or Blessing

Maybe you’re “Team Yellow” and want a name that will fit whatever gender your baby turns out to be. Or perhaps you just want an ambiguous name. In either case, these gender neutral names all have super sweet meanings conveying miracles, blessings, gifts, or gratitude that are perfect for your little one.

  • Iyanu (Yoruba)
  • Blessing
  • Miracle
  • Ngozi (Igbo)
  • Amari (Hebrew)
  • Daliso (Chewa)
  • Inaam (Arabic)
  • Jesse (Hebrew)

Yes, becomin a parent might be common, but it’s always extraordinary in its own way. Hopefully these baby names help convey a sense of gratitude and wonder for your new little person.